It's becoming more apparent I *should* have one of these on my blog. 


All opinions are my own. They are about my experiences. Your experience(s) of the same place/food/person etc may well be different. In the event that a post does not contain my own views this will be clearly stated. For example in the situation of guest bloggers (the be posts written by someone who is not me) or the opinion of the diner I am eating with.

I do on occasion review products or places on invitation, to make this clear this often means it is free or at a reduced rate. This will always be stated.

If I accept to review a product or place (dependent on it's suitability to my blogging content, my availability and other extraneous factors) this is always in exchange for an honest review. I will not be swerved by your generous gifts (I think this borders on bribery) if there is something not quite right I try to give constructive feedback where possible. I will always highlight the good and give recognition where recognition is deserved.

If you have something you would like me to review please use the 'contact me' page to get in touch.


Comments are moderated - this is because I often get spam asking if I would like to see sexy ladies, enlarge myself and publish my blog on websites which require a fee. Just in case you are one of these advertises I'm not interested in any of the above. Thank you but no thank you.


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Something not clear? Further questions? Email me at claire.breadsticklers@gmail.com