Oh hey! 

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at my Leeds based food blog. No really thanks, I've been writing this blog since May 2011 and a LOT of effort has gone in to it.

I'm not a professional food writer, ie I don't get paid to do this. I only have an A level in English Language (B) and my degree is in psychology. I'm writing to learn. To learn to about food and drink. By accident I've also learnt more about writing, grammar and spelling too.

The name 

Breadsticklers. Where did it come from? I wanted something original. Something that you could Google and only my blog would come up (vanity or just clever I'll let you decide). There are other Breadsticklers out there... they happen to be Russian however. Sorry if you're a misguided Russian Googler who has been directed to my blog in the search for... well I don't know what. I'm a stickler for free breadsticks too.

The brand

My rather talented chap designed my logo and branding for my blog. If you like what you see you can contact him by visiting his website here www.danwilson.org.uk

The template is provided by blogger with a little bit of customisation and a lot of experimentation.

If you're not au fait with HTML/CSS he can recommend a good developer to implement the brand for you on your website.


I reluctantly post recipes. They are usually requests. Please don't blame me if you follow one of my recipes and in the end it doesn't look the picture on my blog. The facts are that I make things up as I go along and trying to document that is near impossible, if it doesn't look right experiment. 

Restaurants/Cafes/Pubs/Bars/Street Food/General Eateries

See disclaimer for more info - I write about my own experiences, not the person on the table next to me, not my great aunt Fanny's, it's all about me and my experience. If you've tried somewhere you like please let me know I'm always open to suggestions and finding little hidden treasures. 

Additional information 

Here's a non-food related fact about myself: I attempted to do a bungy jump in 2009 when I was visiting New Zealand. Press play and you'll see me being pushed off a platform 154 feet above a river.

If you want to know more drop me an email at claire.breadsticklers@gmail.com