Sunday, 1 April 2018

Noco Kiosk - Halifax

I haven't been to Halifax town centre for years, however, when I heard that The Piece Hall had reopened I was eager to see how it had changed since I last visited in my childhood years. My mum and auntie were going through a hippy-esq phase and were all about tarot cards, aromatherapy and crystals and there were a few shops that catered to this at The Piece Hall and so we used to go after visits to Eureka.

Anyway, I was looking for an opportunity to visit and when we needed to head over to Halifax to speak to a wedding caterer I took the opportunity to go into the town centre too. When we arrived it was around 3pm and we were absolutely starving having not eaten since breakfast and then spoken about food all afternoon. There are still a number of empty units at The Piece Hall with less than a handful serving food. We peered into a gin bar and decided that it wasn't the best place to eat, the deli had a queue out of the door and only outside seating remaining (it was cold and freezing too), a place I had earmarked to go, Elder, was stopping serving food in 10 minutes and not serving again until 5pm. We therefore ventured further in to town desperate to find something nice to eat.

Somehow, we found ourselves in the Westgate Arcade. There appeared to be a rather odd mixture of shops and eateries but we spotted an Italian kiosk that had some pretty good looking pizzas on the menu. Once I found out the pizzas were stone baked and I heard the dulcet tones of an Italian guy I was sold.

Noco advertise as having the best pizzas in Halifax, I haven't had many pizzas in Halifax but it was one of the best pizzas I've had in a long time (spoiler).

There was a bit of confusion of how to order, we sat down at one of the tables and asked the waitress clearing up our table (of the mess the previous people had left) if we had to order at the kiosk. She replied yes. After mulling over the menu a little while D went up to order to only be sent back to be told it was table service... A few minutes later the waitress return trying to give us a couple of freakshakes, we advised we hadn't yet ordered let alone ordered shakes! Eventually, we placed our order (with the Italian guy not the waitress) and snuggled up under the fleecy blankets and patio heater.

We had contemplated ordering pizza and something else to share but as we'd gorged on antipasto the night before and we were absolutely starving, we ordered two pizzas to share.

The two pizzas included a spicy pepperoni and prosciutto cotto. The pizzas were fresh, with 'real' good quality cheese and other toppings. The base was crisp with just enough doughy texture. Everything about them was just perfect, it's all I could wish for in a pizza.

I'd had too much caffeine by this point in the day otherwise I would have put their Italian coffee to the test, perhaps we'll just have to return again soon...

Freakshakes seemed popular with the younger clientele, there were a couple of lads counting their money to see if they could afford one and before I could offer to make up the difference they upped and went. I still regret not acting sooner, or realising they couldn't afford one sooner.

Whilst sat there, I also spotted a rather interesting afternoon tea. Instead of sandwiches there were slices of pizza. I could definitely get on board with this.

If you don't think you could handle a full pizza they also serve pizza by the slice, grab one with a can of Sanpellegrio.

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