Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Al Forno - Darlington

A couple of weeks' ago I found myself out for dinner in Darlington, there was a large group of us and the restaurant had been pre-decided. Italian is usually a winner for all in these situations.

As there was such a large group we had pre-ordered before arriving at the restaurant, makes things simple and prevents dishes being missed, right? Wrong. It started with the starters, several people were left without, the restaurant having no clue they had been ordered and fresh dishes having to be made there and then once most had their food.

I ordered olives with sundried tomatoes and homemade focaccia. They should probably change the menu to 'tomato' as there was only one. The olives were okay, but to be honest I've had better from Morrisons. The bread was warm and lovely with a spread of butter on, I didn't eat all of it purely because I had double breaded and ordered pizza for mains.

The pizzas were a mixture, there wasn't anything that really caught my eye. In the end I chose a spicy pepperoni pizza, it came with chilli oil and oh my was it oily.

The cheese wasn't the best quality, it was a little rubbery with a slight plastic texture and I'm sure it had added to the oil quantity too.

I didn't finish it.

As a large group of 25 people there was no way any one of us could have offered to have foot the bill and then everyone else divvy up to that person. But, that was exactly what they wanted us to do. After a slight fuss was caused they eventually let us pay separately but we had to do so at the bar and also go through the receipt, tick off what we had and tell the cashier so they could put through each of our individual items on the till before charging us. We weren't even allowed to split the bottle of wine three of us shared, thankfully the other two had some cash and I put it on my card.

When I pay on my card I usually throw in a tip by rounding up the amount, however, as I was to specify exactly what I had ordered there wasn't the option to do this and so I left without leaving a tip, so did many. More fool them.

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