Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Al Forno - Darlington

A couple of weeks' ago I found myself out for dinner in Darlington, there was a large group of us and the restaurant had been pre-decided. Italian is usually a winner for all in these situations.

As there was such a large group we had pre-ordered before arriving at the restaurant, makes things simple and prevents dishes being missed, right? Wrong. It started with the starters, several people were left without, the restaurant having no clue they had been ordered and fresh dishes having to be made there and then once most had their food.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Noco Kiosk - Halifax

I haven't been to Halifax town centre for years, however, when I heard that The Piece Hall had reopened I was eager to see how it had changed since I last visited in my childhood years. My mum and auntie were going through a hippy-esq phase and were all about tarot cards, aromatherapy and crystals and there were a few shops that catered to this at The Piece Hall and so we used to go after visits to Eureka.