Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Kapow Coffee - Thornton's Arcade, Leeds

Kapow started life in the smallest of coffee shops down on The Calls (some may say it's where all the greats start life) and they have recently (although may be not too recently now) opened up a bigger place a little further in to the centre in Thornton's Arcade. They have two floors of space and even serve food!

Thornton's Arcade is one of the beautiful Victorian arcades just off of Briggate, surprisingly it is mainly filled independent shops unlike many of the other arcades in the area (rents are ridiculous in Leeds city centre I'm told, making it almost impossible for new independents to get a look in). Thornton's Arcade was actually the first of all of the arcades to built off of Briggate, which previous was filled with parallel streets and taverns. I like to think you can get a glimpse of pre-Victorian Leeds when you visit Whitelocks on Turks Yard (and it's little brother of the same name of the street). Having grown up in Leeds, I remember finding it a joy to expectantly be walking through Thornton's Arcade when the bell ringers chimed. Perhaps my mum just planned it so perfectly each time it only appeared to be an accident. I've only recently learned that the figures ringing the bell are in fact Robin Hood, Friar Tuck and Richard the Lionheart. Every day is a school day.

When I orginally started visit Kapow on The Calls the coffee served was that from La Bottega Milanese, however, with their space expansion in Thornton's Arcade their coffee offerings also seem to have expanded. There are often a range of different coffees to try from brewers all around the country and further. It's a great place to stop off and by a bag of beans to try at home too (perhaps try an espresso to taste first, any excuse).

Food and drink can be eaten in or taken out. I've done both with pleasure. I often like to creep upstairs where it's generally quieter, especially during the week, get lost in my own thoughts or window watching at the unknowing shoppers wandering below and sip away at a delicious cup of coffee.

Inside the furniture is mismatched with some pieces I love and some pieces I'm not entirely sure 'go' with the theme or perhaps are just not to my taste. I love the coffee bean bag cushions, I still need to make one of these myself.

I think one of the best lunches I've had here was a toasted hummus and roasted pepper wrap. As mentioned these are also available to go so you can take them back and snaffle it at your desk too.

I've never had bad service here either, everyone has always been so cheerful and helpful.

I hope they keep going from strength to strength. I'm looking forward to popping in again soon to grab a cup of the hot stuff and some beans to go.

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