Thursday, 8 March 2018

Cinnamon and Sultana Bread Machine Recipe

A bread machine is a god send for those who love fresh bread but don't have the time to bake it every week, it's also a god send to people like my mum who has arthritis in her hands so unfortunately her kneading days are behind her.

The Morphy Richards Premium Plus bread maker is far superior to my old bread maker (that got the boot a few years ago) and as the name suggests it is a premium machine in that it not only makes different sized breads but it also has settings for so much more. So far I have used the standard bread setting, the wholemeal setting and the fruit bread setting, but it goes further than this extending to cakes and even pizza bases.

wholemeal seeded batch loaf 

don't judge my slicing... 

I live in a particularly old cold Georgian terrace and so my kitchen isn't the ideal place for proving bread, the bread maker takes away this inconvenience and provides a temperature that is ideal for the perfect rise.

I've done a little bit of experimenting with loafs and recipes so far and I wanted to share with you my favourite recipe so far.

Cinnamon and sultana loaf 

Cinnamon and Sultana Loaf 

Cinnamon is one of my favourite smells, it brings a warm and comfort to my soul. When this loaf is sliced open the smell that wafts out is a dream, when it's baking it fills your house with cinnamony goodness, definitely one to bake if you've got someone viewing your house with a view to buy.

This loaf is almost like a currant teacake in loaf form, it's also perfect with strawberry jam.


175ml of warm water

3 tablespoons of dried semi skimmed milk powder

15g of butter

1 medium egg lightly beaten

2 tablespoons of caster sugar

1 teaspoon of salt

350g white strong bread flour

1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1.5 teaspoons of dried active baking yeast

50g of sultanas


Put the ingredients (except the sultanas) in to your bread maker in the exact order as listed below, it's important to get the measurements exact as a little too much or too little of something can ruin your bake entirely.

If you're using the Morphy Richards Premium Plus bread maker, such as me, choose programme 3 which is the sweet bread setting. It gives it a crispy crust whilst retaining the fluffy inside. I chose the largest loaf setting and a medium crust, which gives a time of 2 hours 45 mins.

The bread machine I have has an automatic fruit dispenser so that it will tip the fruit in to the loaf at the correct time. If you have one of these too put your fruit in the dispenser once you have added all your ingredients to the pan. If you don't, some bread machines will give you a warning beep so you can add them yourselves. If you don't have either of these then make sure you add them before the last knead and prove.

This recipe is not suitable for the delay setting (where you can set it up and have it running through the night ready for you in the morning! Or perhaps, whilst you're at work) as it has fresh ingredients such as egg in it which won't stand the waiting time very well.

After the time is up remove the pan from the bread maker and let the bread rest in the pan for 15 minutes. Following this time, take it out of the pan and either let it rest outside the pan to crisp up a little (depending on how humid your kitchen is) or wrap it up in baking paper to save until later (as I do).

This is a great recipe to pop in the breadmaker on a friday evening while you are making dinner, you don't need to faff around too much and you have a lovely fresh bread to enjoy for breakfast in the morning.

This bread maker was gifted to me in exchange for a blog post by Debenhams, this doesn't influence my opinion, if anything it has inspired me to bake and create recipes again! If you would like a bread maker of your own they are currently offering discount on selected electricals (as of March 2018), you can see their full range of bread makers here. 

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