Saturday, 20 January 2018

Slap and Pickle at Trinity Leeds

Roll up, roll up get your big long wieners before they're gone!

Slap and Pickle have taken up one of the street food spots at Trinity Leeds this month. They've got rude and cheeky metaphors and similes hanging around all over the place and best of all, they do a smashing sausage that beats the Leeds German Market hands down.

If you're on the veganuary bandwaggon fear not, Slap and Pickle can do any dish on their menu veganised (I'm pretty sure that's a word). Add a few homemade pickles and some beer and you're winning life.

It will probably be the most phallic lunch or dinner you eat this month but if you miss them you'll regret it.


I opted for the Frickin' Footlong with a cheese dog and all the toppings (because I hate to miss out on anything). I shared this monster sausage with D and also a portion of chilli cheese fries.

post sauce

These guys have got big plans, that not only involve vegan delights but also a pimped up Rolls Royce, watch this space.

Fingers crossed if you miss them this time they'll be rolling up to see us again in Leeds sometime soon.

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