Thursday, 7 December 2017

Trinity Kitchen - The Latest Street Food Offerings!

Trinity Kitchen's new line up sees a few new faces to Leeds and a mix up of Sela Bar's little red bus's menu. 

Sela Bar - Little Red Food Truck 

Sela Bar is a favourite of mine for a pizza and an ever changing, well stocked bar. Their street food offerings have opened up their specialities and also given them the chance to explore other avenues. Their current truck in Trinity Kitchen gives an array of burgers, sides and craft ale. They also do a great meal deal offer of a burger, fries and beer for £12.

The burgers change regularly from what I can gather from their social media so it's worth more than one visit but try not to be disappointed if you can't get your previous favourite, use it as an opportunity to try more. 

On my visit I opted for the smokey burger, which comes with a single patty, cheese, barbecue sauce and bacon served in a brioche bun.

The burger was cooked to perfection although missing my bacon, it was still good without (would have been better with it!). The fries were a little too much for me, in portion size, but D helpfully helped me out to finish the rest. 

Tikki's Thai Kitchen 

Another street food van that has returned to Leeds, we were so pleased with their offerings previously we had another dish. This time the beef massaman curry did the trick with soft tender meat, potato, plenty of sauce and topped with nuts.

Meli Patisserie 

My prior knowledge of Greek desserts only extend to baklava, how limited my knowledge! If Meli Patisserie are anything to go by for the rest of the Greek population the Greeks certainly know how to finish off a meal! 

The desserts on offer include Greek ice cream, cakes, mini ice cream sticks (think little magnums) and tarts.

Feeling greedy, and because they are so reasonably/temptingly priced, we ordered a strawberry cake, three scoops of ice cream and a mini ice cream stick/lolly. 

The strawberry cake is layers of sponge and strawberry moose with sweet icing wrapped around to contain it. 

D's ice cream options included pistachio, strawberries and cookies and salted caramel.

The mini ice cream stick was bubblegum flavour and to be honest after my large meal this would have sufficed for dessert! 

Bunnymans Ltd 

We had a taster of the of the chilli on offer, both the meat and vegan options and it was lovely. Had we not had chilli at home the night before this would have been a winner for us on a bowl of nachos, for those who love carbs more you can also get their chilli in a bread roll. 

Gravy Train Poutine 

Mini guest review from CJ - These taste really good but I've probably put on a stone!

Following our trip to Trinity Kitchen we also decided to take a ride on the big wheel which appears every Christmas in front of Leeds Art Gallery and Library. Take your tripod and snazzy camera for some better pictures than mine.

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