Saturday, 18 November 2017

Cantina at The Old Red Bus Station - Leeds - Vegan Heaven

Further up the lane from the sleek, high end, recently created and rejuvenated from what was before Victoria Gate you'll find a side of Leeds city centre that has been neglected over the past few years. I don't remember this side of town in what you may call its 'hay day' but I do remember it being slightly less dilapidated than it has been in previous times. There used to be a cinema on this street, the ABC, which has since been knocked to the ground. It was always for me, the lesser option compared to the Odeon (now sports direct) but it made the area visited. During my teenage years I was introduced to an all-you-cat-eat Chinese restaurant, which had a fire in the kitchen and then had to close. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Coffee Collective and Meyers Bageri - Copenhagen

I’ve included both The Coffee Collective and Meyers Bageri together in this one post, although it could be argued that they deserve their own separate posts. My reasons for doing so is largely due to only having visited Copenhagen once, and the time that I did, I enjoyed them both together.

I’ll start with a little information about Meyers Bageri, the place to go for the best cinnamon buns (kanelsunrrer) in town (I am reliably informed). Meyers is owned by Claus Meyer, a chef, entrepreneur, baker and confectioner. In his bakery on Jaegersborrade you can buy organic bread, freshly ground flour, cakes and most importantly (for me) cinnamon buns. The bakery is tiny and can only accommodate 5 people inside at a time, pre-working hours and weekends are their busiest times, so if you’re a tourist try taking breakfast a little later.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Cafe Vide Hus - Copenhagen

Café Vide Hus was another place I found via Instagram. When I saw a picture of their avocado on toast with immaculate latte art I had to go check it out.

As it turns out Café Vide Hus isn’t too far away from the centre of town, it’s also opposite Rosenborg Castle which was one of the places on our ‘to do’ list. It’s a rather unassuming café in appearance and further research suggests it’s one of the hidden gems of Copenhagen.