Sunday, 8 October 2017

Ipsen & Co - Copenhagen

Whenever I go abroad I’m always in search of good coffee and usually good breakfast to go with said coffee. There is a ridiculous amount of choice when it comes to these two things in Copenhagen, I was finding it hard to create a shortlist. In the end my choices came down to Instagram, what others had said and shown on their accounts of places I could see advertised themselves as selling independent/craft coffee and breakfast.

Ipsen & Co wasn’t at the top of my list until I saw the check-ins and the pictures of fabulous looking coffees, breakfasts and as cosy looking nook. It didn’t disappoint. After a short underground journey and a slight walk from our hotel we arrived early to a small coffee shop on the corner of Gammel Kongevej in Frederiksberg. The location is known for being a little  more middle class than other hipster areas of the city (such as Norrebro). A lot of families settle here with it being a little quieter and you’ll notice a more domestic side to the city.

With this in mind the streets mid-week (and mid-winter) felt fairly quiet, I guess most people were at work or school, however, when we entered Ipsen & Co we were surprised at how full it was. It wasn’t overbearingly full, but there wasn’t a table free and instead we took up a pew in the window seats which suited us just fine.

It was cosy and warm inside a welcome relief to the biting cold outside. The menu was displayed on a board above the till, a place clearly not a usual spot for tourists it was all written in Danish. I wimped out asking for a full breakdown of the menu in English, with it being so intimate I felt that all eyes were on me as a clear non-Copenhager, but this was perhaps just my own insecurities playing on my mind. Instead I asked for a flat white and pointed to a pain au chocolat.

D, also feeling insecure about asking for translations asked for a latte and a croissant. 

The coffee was excellent and the pastries were freshly baked with the chocolate slightly soft inside. The crockery in Ipsen & Co is beautiful, they have it for sale too but the Copenhagen prices far outweigh my allowed budget on cups and saucers.

There is a relaxed feel to Ipsen & Co, in the morning there were a couple of ladies breakfasting together, and a couple of mothers with their babies also. Should I relate it to an area of Leeds for by way of an example I would say this is the Chapel Allerton of Copenhagen.  

If you have some time to spare (and will either brave the cold or visit in more warmer conditions than I) then location attractions include Frederiksberg Palace, Frederiksberg Gardens and The Cisterns (a former water reservoir beneath a park just over the road from the Palace). 

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