Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Bollyfood - Copenhagen

On the eve of my birthday we decided to head in to the meatpacking district of Copenhagen, which you’ll find in Vesterbro not too far away from the central station and Tivoli gardens.

Not many places appeared to be open on a Tuesday evening and so after looking in a few windows we decided to settle on Bollyfood. If you haven’t guessed already Bollyfood is an Indian (and Pakistani) restaurant that also does takeaway.

The menu is slight in comparison to some of the Indian restaurants I’ve visited in England, I guess focussing on what you’re good at can’t be a bad thing.

Alongside the menu inside is also very small, you may call it cosy, with Indian blankets and cushions draped over wooden pallets and booths in the windows. There was a lot more colour injected in to this restaurant than a lot of the other Scandi interior designed restaurants we visited.

We were offered a table in the window on a slightly raised platform but cosy all the same. Menus were handed to us and we looked over the drinks selection. There was an extensive cocktail selection but we would rather have a beer with our curry (it just seems to pair a little better), the selection was limited when it comes to beers and so we settled on a This IPA, not really that's what it's called. It's an American style ale, it's fairly mellow with not a lot of hops and it didn't seem to be particularly strong for an IPA but it was pleasant enough. 

This IPA

D didn’t want a starter but I pulled the puppy dog eyes out explaining that it was my last night of my 20s and if you can’t have a starter on the last night of your 20s then what is the point of life? Slightly dramatic but I got a starter. We chose to share the ‘Indian Finger Food’, brilliantly presented with all sorts to dip in and out of.

Indian Finger Food

We both ordered the lamb shorba for mains (because lamb is the best meat in curry obvs), which is lamb curry cooked with potatoes and shared a pilau rice.

Shorba and Pilau rice

There was plenty of sauce to the dish and the lamb was cooked well, it wasn’t the best curry I’ve ever had and I guess this is because we’re spoilt for excellent curries in Yorkshire. I guess typically you wouldn’t go to Copenhagen for the best curry in Europe either? The cost of our meal (bear in mind exchange rates at the time) was 696 Danish Krone which is around £80.

The staff were great, really friendly and welcoming as ever in Copenhagen.

As mentioned Bollyfood is in the Meatpacking District of Copenhagen. It's a popular place to go out and enjoy a few drinks, I read a lot about it before our visit and had a few recommendations on places to both eat and drink here. I was expecting a lively end of town that was emerging from industrial heritage with cool bearded types loitering around. It wasn't quite like this on a Monday evening in January. There was hardly anyone around, walking through the old warehouse lined streets in the dark with barely anyone around was rather disconcerting too.

I've seen pictures that show the meatpacking district to be much livelier during the summer months with lots of outdoor seating and an outdoor food market. Following our meal we popped in to WarPigs, the 22 ales on tap being a big drawn in for us. There were still people in here on a cold Monday in January (probably drinking away their sorrows) but on the plus side at least we had a pick of seats.

The meatpacking district is located in Vesterbro, if you've filled up on food and drink in the Meatpacking District or if it's just not your scene, other things you can do here include:

Tivoli Gardens - one of the oldest theme parks in Europe and apparently the inspiration behind Walt Disney's DisneyLand. Sadly it's closed in January (when we were there) but it's open in the summer months and even in December for Christmas festivities.

The Carlsberg Museum - is located in Vesterbro, we decided not to visit on this occasion but instead took a train ride up to the newly name district 'Carlsberg' where the original factory is. If you're a lover of architecture it's well worth a visit, with interesting buildings galore. There is a real sense of history in this area of Copenhagen, it's current being developed with plans for new buildings that compliment the old and are 'green' and sustainable with roof top gardens and the like.

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