Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Shambles Kitchen - York

I’ve probably said this before, but trying to find lunch in York can be a minefield. There are so many chains and tourist traps that can easily lure you in. Trying to find the gems can be quite difficult if you haven’t been given any tips.

I spotted The Shambles Kitchen (on The Shambles incidentally) whilst walking through the streets getting absolutely soaked through by the rain. I had tried to wander a little further than normal (from the office in York) and happened upon York’s charity shop street, it wasn’t until I had almost given up all hope that on my way back to the office my nose caught the whiff of The Shambles Kitchen.

It’s rather small an unassuming, with not many tables inside it mainly caters for those wanting to take out. Blink and you’ll miss it, I’ve clearly been doing a lot of blinking walking up and down the shambles never to have noticed it before.

When I arrived, sodden and hungry, there were a few people sat in their limited seats, I was half glad to see that they were tourists who had succeeded in avoiding the chains and traps. The menu is up high above the counter and I stood there gawping for a few moments, trying to decide between a burrito or a Reuben sandwich. When my turn to order came I went with my gut and ordered the Shambles Rebeun Sandwich.

The Reuben 

The Shambles Rebeun Sandwich consists of homemade beef brisket pastrami, they have their own recipe and it takes two weeks to make! Also in its company is sauerkraut, blow-torched Swiss Cheese, dill pickled gherkins, mayo and Swedish mustard, sandwiched together in a rye bun. This clearly is no ordinary sandwich shop.

posh pop 

I wrapped my sandwich tightly under my coat to keep it warm and sheltered from the rain as I made my way back to the office. I couldn’t wait to get back and peel open the paper and see what delight awaited me.

Sat in the staff room I looked down on my sandwich, delighted with glee, I was disappointed that no one else was taking note and exclaiming where I had found such a handsome sandwich. Perhaps they all know about The Shambles Kitchen and their amazing sandwiches, perhaps it’s just old hat to them, perhaps they just don’t care what I’m eating.

I messily finished the lot, feeling ridiculously satisfied and not at all disappointed that I didn’t get the burrito.

The sandwich wasn’t the cheapest in town, it cost me £7 but as a treat day lunch I’m happier to pay a little extra to get a little extra.

If you’re visiting York and don’t fancy eating in anywhere, the sun is shining and you might want to sit on a grassy knoll or watch the street performers in the centre, pop down t’ The Shambles and treat yourself.

Good old Yorkshire weather

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