Friday, 8 September 2017

Taste Of India - Isle of Skye (Scottish Highlands, Inner Hebrides)

Dining out at an Indian Restaurant in Scotland, or more specifically the Isle of Skye, doesn’t sound like the most typical of meals to be had whilst touring The Highlands, I admit. However, after a day of driving around the island, getting engaged, wild water swimming (read: putting our swimming suits on and freezing our t*ts off in the fairy pools) we were knackered. It was pushing 6pm by the time we had left the fairy pools and we needed to eat and embark on the two hour drive back to our log cabin. When we arrived on Skye, just after we had made it across the Skye Bridge, I had noticed an Indian restaurant and joked to the chap that we should stop and go for dinner. This became a reality when it fast became the easiest option with it being on the route back.

Freezing cold water but worth it! 

Who knows what the restaurant staff were thinking when we walked in, we were both a bit dishevelled, windswept and my jeans were still a little bit wet from trying to change out of my swimsuit in the car. The staff weren’t overly welcoming and when they asked if we had a booking I began to panic. We were then gestured over to a table with no words spoken and handed menus.

The restaurant seemed to be enjoying a steady stream of visitors, from large parties, to couples like ourselves (except a little less tousled), to families. Clearly, a popular spot for tourists.

The pictures are horrendous, I apologise, but due to the above I was tired and not really thinking about taking pictures of my food, plus I’d left my camera in the boot of the car.

We ordered some poppadoms and chutneys to nibble on while we looked over the extensive menu.

The menu has all the British favourites, bhuna, balti, tikka masala plus an extensive tandoori selection too.

Interesting coloured chutney 

To start we shared some vegetable samosas. I’ve had some good samosas in my life and sadly these didn’t quite meet the highest of grades but then didn’t completely fall in to the bad supermarket bracket either.


For mains myself and the chap both ordered the lamb karahi, a personal favourite of mine, and some cumin (jeera) rice to share.

The lamb was cooked well, it wasn’t chewy, it was marinated well in to the dish and the sauce was thick and flavoursome without too much spice. Again it wasn’t the best in my life, but it wasn’t the worst either.

Lamb Karahi 

We were so exhausted by the time we sat down to eat we were just glad to be sat down and resting. It was reassuring that we hadn’t stumbled in to somewhere that was completely awful but that satisfied our immediate needs. It’s the main stream type of Indian restaurant that would please most, offend very little and accommodate to most needs. If you’re looking for a gourmet meal, you might be best trying to book one of the Michelin starred restaurants on the island.

The view from the fairy pools 

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