Saturday, 23 September 2017

North Tea Power - Manchester

I love eating out for breakfast. I think the reason why is because you will normally find me eating breakfast at home in my pjs or at my desk at work whilst I check on last night’s emails, therefore, it feels like a bit of a luxury. The only problem is, I struggle to get out of the house and to cafes or restaurants in time for breakfast. This is why brunch is an excellent concept for me, it means I can take my time and still enjoy breakfast out, albeit just a bit later than I would eat breakfast at home.

I had an event to attend to in Manchester one Saturday, knowing that it was a bit of drive away (the trains were on strike) and that the event would fill up in the afternoon I decided to drag D across the Pennines early in the morning. This would give me a great opportunity to sample brunch in Manchester. Win for me.

The event didn’t last long and I walked back in to town to meet D, both our tummies rumbling. We had a couple of places to choose from, once again going on recommendations from those lovely people tweeting in my pocket. We peered in to Evelyn’s CafĂ© Bar which has been recommended to me on more than one occasion and then we peered in to North Tea Power. Evelyn’s seemed more of an occasion visit and the prices were a little more in the occasion bracket too. North Tea Power seemed more laid back, I liked the sound of their brunch options (which are served all day) and the prices were a little kinder too.

North Tea Power is a tea and coffee specialist, it has that stripped back look inside with a relaxed feel and welcoming staff. Tea has taken a backseat since I started drinking coffee and so I can’t enlighten you on their tea offerings.

Their coffee however was wonderful. Their espresso is from their own seasonal Deerhunter espresso, they also have rotating guest espressos on offer. Alongside the regular cups (latte, flat white etc.) you can also buy chai lattes and matcha lattes, very on trend.

I knew exactly what I wanted to eat as soon as I saw it. The Rosti and Pork, a potato rosti topped with sausage, bacon, egg and covered in hollandaise sauce.

The bacon and sausage was some of the best I’ve eaten out of my home in a long time. A lot of places boast that they source their bacon and sausages from local farmers, and that is all very well and good but if you can’t cook them properly then it’s just a waste of good meat. These were cooked perfectly, the bacon was slightly crispy and the sausage was packed full of flavour rather than water. The egg was cooked to yolkporn standards and the hollandaise was just right too, not too sickly, not overbearing and not too minimal.

D had the same as me, I swear he sometimes does this on purpose because he doesn't want to wait for his food whilst I take a picture of it....

I'd definitely return to North Tea Power, if you're looking for other Independent coffee shops in Manchester, I'd also recommend Takk.

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