Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Cameron's Tea Room and Farm Shop (Foyers, Loch Ness, Scottish Highlands)

Everything in The Highlands seems so far spread out compared to life in Leeds, or Yorkshire in fact. When something is ‘only’ an hour away it doesn’t seem too bad a drive. After a rather exhausting day travelling around the Isle of Skye we wanted to do a little less travelling, we had visited the local waterfall, visited the neighbouring town and then found ourselves a little stuck with what else we could do. With it only being around 1pm we decided that an hour’s drive from our location in Drumndrochit to The Falls of Foyer wasn’t too bad.

We stopped along the way, had a short walk up a side of cliff to see the view and then eventually stopped at Foyers to see the 165 foot drop waterfall. On the way to the falls we passed a café and farm shop called Cameron’s tearoom, I had spied Highland Coo’s outside and desperate to get that perfect Scottish picture I had insisted we stop here for lunch (rather than the café opposite the falls car park).

When we arrived at Cameron’s after the short walk around the waterfall it was pushing 3pm. Inside it was still relatively busy and a sign advised us to take a seat and order at the till. There was a blackboard which listed the menu for the day. A few things had been scrubbed off with it being a bit later in the day which didn’t leave us with many options.

Not fancying soup or a tuna sandwich the chap and I decided on a bowl of nachos each. You can’t go wrong with nachos can you?

Or so I thought. The picture below doesn’t accurately demonstrate what was first placed in front of us. When the nachos were brought out to us they were flat on a plate with just cheese melted on top of them, done in the microwave I suspect. We had to put our own sauces on top of them, of which there was only salsa and sour cream.

We were a little disappointed that for £7 each this is what we were getting, I’ve never had a more disappointing plate of nachos served to me. The sandwiches and salads that others were eating seemed to have a lot more effort piled in to them and I was trying to keep upbeat for D that they were okay, but really they weren’t.

The farm shop side seemed to be a little more impressive than our lunch, with local produce and home baked treats on offer. The lady at the till was very friendly and warming, I didn’t get the same vibe from the waitresses who ignored us and stood chatting to a friend for a while who was at the table next to us with her back turned on us.

When we eventually finished our lunch and headed back out to the car the Highland Coo’s had drifted off to another field, adding insult to injury. I left feeling a bit down beaten and not really ready for that one hour drive back to the cabin which suddenly felt a very long way.

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