Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Tharavadu Express Lunch - Leeds

I’ve written about Tharavadu before, I’ve been many many times since my first visit and I’ve been a few times for lunch too! Once of the advantages of going to Tharavadu is that you can book through their online system and as a bonus it’s not a bad price, especially for the amount of food you get.

The express lunch at Tharavadu is a small feast of three curries, a side dish, rice of the day and served with dosa and chutney. It bears some resemblance to that at Manjit’s Kitchen in Leeds Kirkgate Market but here you will find both vegetarian and meat options.

My first visit to Tharavadu for lunch
Each time I’ve visited I’ve opted for the Lamb Express Lunch (a little more expensive at £8.45, the chicken is £7.95 and the veggie option is £6.95). This essentially means one of your curries is a lamb curry. There is nothing on this plate that I don’t enjoy or love. The dosas at Tharavadu are perfect, crisp and light.

Lunch at Tharavadu is always a highlight of the week for me.

My second lunch at Tharavadu
The staff are always amazing at Tharavadu, I’ve never had bad service. During a lunch time they’re extra conscious that you have a job to get back to (more than likely if you’re sat there in corporate wear) and the food is quick and the service even quicker.

If you haven’t been for dinner yet either check out my other review here, however I have since found my favourite starter on the menu… the Kozi Dosa. Underneath this huge dosa is a chicken filling that is easily lapped up with the perfectly cooked dosa.

Evening menu dosa starter - if you're not ordering this you're doing it wrong

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