Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Sociable Folk and The Good Luck Club - Wellington Place, Leeds

If you’re lucky enough to work in Wellington Place then Sociable Folk has probably already been your go to coffee hit for some time. An upcoming area that is undergoing vast (and quick) development it is forming in to quite the forward thinking business district. By this I refer to the grassed areas, deck chairs, the outside seating, the community services, yoga, knitting club and much more. If I was going to set up a business or move my business this would be one of the prime areas I’d look at.

Sociable Folk is a coffee house come cafĂ© and is currently only open Monday to Friday, unfortunately weekenders haven’t yet found a reason to visit Wellington Place but once they do I expect it will be a nice place for a pre-town pit stop especially if you’re a resident of City Island.

Sociable Folk was one of the first retail/restaurant units to open and they are making a killing so far and are bringing in people from outside the Wellington Place Circle on their reputation alone. They’ve done so well they’ve managed to secure a second unit and have opened their first restaurant – The Good Luck Club.

The coffee served is from North Star Roasters, another Leeds based company, and they have some latte art stars for the latte art enthusiasts. They’re Facebook page is adorned with pictures of bears and swans in cups. The food on offer ranges from build-your-own salads, to bagels, wraps and flat breads. All food and drink can be eaten in (for a small extra cost) or taken out to enjoy on the deck chairs on the green…. Or your desk if you’ve got that deadline to meet.

I visited Sociable Folk on one of the rare days that England benefits from a heatwave, unfortunately all the seating outside was occupied but I found a nice sunny place in the window and benefited from the air condition inside instead. I placed my order at the till, of which there was a very long queue to join, if you’re going for lunch I’d advise to take an early lunch as they were selling out of a lot of things by around 1.30pm. Once my order was placed I was given a table number and my food and drink was brought out to me when ready.

As mentioned it was a rather warm day for England so I ordered an iced latte. A really refreshing drink and far better than those you will find in Starbucks or Costa (trust me). I ordered one of the last remaining wraps the choice was between vegan 5 bean or falafel, luckily I am a big fan of falafel and so I opted for this one.

The wraps are served with a small pot of tortilla chips and a side salad, I was advised that the only salad remaining on this day was sweetcorn, I’m not sure what the other varieties usually available are. The wrap was incredibly filling and so I struggled to finish it as well as the tortilla chips and my sweetcorn salad (I actually popped the salad in my bag to snack on later at work).

The atmosphere inside was nice and relaxed, with many people choosing to dine outside it was fairly quiet with most people in their being single diners too although they were also working away on their laptops unlike me.

Service was quick and despite it being a small walk away from my office I was able to get there and back within my lunch hour and not feel rushed.

I recently went to The Good Luck Club (which you may have seen on my Insta-Stories) to sample some of their offerings. The restaurant is based on New York style dining with cocktails and grills. Food is served all day but currently like Sociable Folk it is only open Monday to Friday.

In the evening expect to find grilled chicken, fish and steak plus burgers, skewers and loaded fries.  I expect Friday night will be their busiest with the after work crowd hankering to get started on the weekend and it will be good to see them open on the weekend to complement some of the other bars and restaurants opening in the area. Veeno have opened their second spot in Leeds city centre just round the corner too.

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