Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Opposite Cafe - Chapel Allerton Leeds

I’ve been to Opposite Café on multiple occasions but never got round to actually blogging about it, which is a massive error on my part because they are wonderful. This post in turn is not about a single experience here but instead a collection of my experiences here.

I met the owner of Opposite Café when they very kindly let the North Leeds Clandestine Cake Club hold one of their meetups there. If you haven’t heard of Clandestine Cake Club check them out here, but essentially a group of cake enthusiasts meet up bringing their themed cakes (the theme changes each time) and we have a good old chat and eat cake. There is no cost to join the club and so we’re always very grateful to the venues that let us hold our meetings for free, we do of course buy refreshments to help wash down our cakes and the staff are always welcome to sample the cakes too (win win in my eyes). Opposite Café started life near Leeds University and expanded to the Victoria Quarter in Leeds and then to Chapel Allerton. Unfortunately with the development of Victoria Gate or the now collectively known as ‘Victoria’ rents rose and Opposite had to take the decision to close their small offering here.

The staff in Opposite café are amazing. They are always friendly and smiley. They are passionate about what they selling (owners or not) and can give recommendations as they have more than likely tried all the offerings available. If you live in North Leeds, as I used to, it is always a great place to pick up a bag of North Star coffee which Opposite will happily grind for you if you don’t have the luxury of having one of your own at home.

Opposite Café not only sell coffee and tea (although it is very good coffee and tea) they also do a few hot lunches and an ever rotating selection of cake. The best chocolate and banana cake I have ever eaten was at Opposite Café, sat outside on one of their tables on my own drinking coffee, eating cake and watching the world go by.

The best chocolate and banana cake in town

I’ve popped in for lunch on a cold Winter’s day and had their lentil daal. Hot and spicy it was exactly what I needed before I went to see the Chinese Lantern Festival that was in Roundhay park just before Christmas. Their lunch menu seems to be getting better and better with more and more offerings to be had, I can't wait until I'm next in the area again to give some of their new (and ever changing) dishes a whirl.

I think it’s clear to see that Opposite café is a winner no matter what the season. It’s one of the things I miss about where I live now, I miss having good coffee and good cake on my doorstep (well not on my doorstep come in to the kitchen and you’ll find good coffee and cake in there but you get what I mean).

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