Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Edison's Coffee - Sheffield

Sheffield is often a city that is overlooked, I feel. It’s strong industrial (steel) heritage has shaped it and nurtured it in to the city it is today but if you’re not from(or live in/near) Sheffield would you choose to go out of your way to eat or drink here?

Speaking to a few friends and colleagues alike they would say no, what does Sheffield have to offer? A few see Sheffield as a student town and with two universities it certainly does have a healthy student population. A few years ago (again my thoughts) Sheffield city centre went through a period of neglect after Meadowhall was built and all focus and footfall was redirected that way. When I was deciding on which university to go, I visited Sheffield and found the city centre very quiet and not a lot of buzz around it, my other comparison being Manchester however.

These days I will spend the odd day for work in Sheffield and I used to spend the odd night in Sheffield (boozing in earlier years and now more formal dining now that we’re getting in to our 30s) and I’ve seen the city grow. Rather unassumingly it appears as no one in Leeds seems to have noticed… but then again there has been a lot of things happening in Leeds which could make us ignorant to the development of other Yorkshire cities.

If I’m going to judge the cities of Yorkshire based on their food and drink offerings I think I would have to place Sheffield behind Leeds, this could be because Leeds is my home town but I do honestly think that it has more to offer. This doesn’t mean that Sheffield isn’t hot on our heels, it’s certainly stormed past York who have been riding on the tourist trade for too long.

I do enjoy spending a day in another city working, it’s always an excuse to go out for a wander and try out the local offerings. As mentioned before in previous posts my go to technique for finding good lunch is to Google the best places for coffee. But, sometimes places catch my eye in other ways. Edison’s for example followed me on Instagram, I took a little look in to them and they weren’t too far a walk away from my office, they served coffee and lunch and boasted a Steampunk theme. Worth a punt I thought.

Edison’s has two entrances, whether we entered in the back or front entrance I’m not sure but we had to stand looking a little lost before someone told us that we could sit wherever we wanted to and they would be over shortly for our order.

Looking around I felt that they could have gone further with the Steampunk theme, or maybe they’re just working on it, or perhaps they’re worried of scaring the locals and are going to introduce more and more quirky d├ęcor as time goes on.

I ordered a flat white which unfortunately didn’t arrive before my food and I had to chase it up, the staff were incredibly apologetic for the mistake and kept coming back to give me an update on my missing coffee. The coffee (when it arrived) was slightly more bitter than the roasts I’m used to and let’s be honest I prefer but it was definitely no Starbucks (that’s a good thing readers!).

For lunch I ordered eggs on sourdough. I chose to have my eggs poached and accompanied with chorizo (£1.50 extra) and spinach (£1 extra).

The eggs were poached perfectly and the chorizo was in nice thick slices. Although I had to pay extra for my accompaniments I liked to be able to build my own brunch.

My colleague W had a salmon salad and hot chocolate, when asked if she would come back to Sheffield her answer was a resounding yes.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Sheffield?

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