Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Revolucion De Cuba - Bottomless Brunch - Leeds

Prior to visiting Revolucion De Cuba (RDC) I was a bottomless brunch virgin. I've seen it gradually creep up the country from London Town and watched it grow in popularity in the North with more and more establishments jumping on the bandwaggon. When it comes to all you can eat I've never been a fan, mainly because I struggle to get my money's worth. I'm simply not as greedy as my belly thinks I am.

As brunch is almost certainly my favourite meal (it's a shame that it has to be restricted to weekends only, damn you full time job) it was almost a certified bet that I was going to eventually be bottomless brunching. 

Saturday, 15 April 2017

200 Degrees - Barista School - Leeds

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have seen my pitiful attempts at Latte Art, they are hardly masterpieces and more often than not replicate the sort of view you would see on a psychologists ink blot test.

Admittedly I have attended a barista class before now at Layne’s but Latte Art was a separate class to be followed by the initial introduction, so I struggled on. Always eager to more and thrilled to know that 200 Degrees' barista class included an introduction to Latte Art I gladly accepted an invitation to try them out. There are some overlaps between the introductory classes from Laynes and 200 Degrees however the latter structure their courses a little differently. There is still an introduction on bean-to-cup with additional classes marketed at intermediate and advanced. Despite not going in to as much details as my first class with Laynes I can see the benefit of structuring it in this way, if you're a complete novice and know zero zilch about coffee 200 degrees' introductory course would aimed at the correct level for you.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Norse - Harrogate

Norse has been on my ever growing list of places to visit for sometime, unfortunately I rarely make it to Harrogate and it's a shame because there are some great places to visit in this old Yorkshire Spa Town. As with many tourist hub places there are a lot of chains, something which the local residents have been commenting on recently, however if you do your research you'll find some great independents. To take some of the effort out of that research I present to you Norse.

Norse is very on-trend with their concept, I along with many of the masses are fully embracing Nordic and Scandinavian fashion. This embrace extends past food to my house and my clothing. No I'm not just shopping at Ikea because I've only recently bought a house and therefore too skint to buy from anywhere else (although this is partly the case), I like the combination of simple designs with vintage or 'retro' and this also fits in well with our own style and tastes. Anyway, this isn't a blog about home design it's about food.