Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Liquorist £5 Lunch - Leeds

Pay Day lunches are one of the things that makes the working month more bearable. There are three criteria for a pay day lunch:

a) location - a half an hour walk across town leaves you no time to eat.

b) cost - it's a lunch with co-workers not the Maharaja's birthday.

c) caterbility - new word, the ability to cater for all.

Midweek restaurants tend to be fairly quiet and therefore there are often good deals to be found. I will often find out about a lunch deal through on the street advertising, perusing the evening menu for other occasions or word of mouth.

I happened upon Liquorist's £5 lunch deal by walking past and seeing a board outside advertising it, a quick google search confirmed it's caterbility and I booked in our diaries.

The Liquorist was formerly known as The Living Room, about 18 months or so ago (I estimate) they had a re-brand and became Liquorist. Despite being a place I frequently walk past I hadn't yet stepped inside since they had undergone their 'transformation'. I had eaten (and drank) at the Living Room and the quality food was of standard ratings, pub/bar food done a little bit better than Wetherspoons. It seemed like a relatively safe option for lunch.

The lunch deal is £5 for a meal from their specified menu. At the time of visiting meals that were available included: Sticky Teriyaki Chicken Salad, The Simple Burger and Fries, Salt Beef Reuben  Ciabatta and Fries, Club Sandwich and Fries and Camembert and Slow Roast Tomato Ciabatta and Fries.

I ordered the salt beef Reuben which was advertised as a sliced eight hour slow cooked salt beef brisket topped with melting cheese and American (mild) mustard. Also in situ were pickles, so many pickles. I've visited places before that have scrimped on the pickles (and even the salt beef) but here there was no shortage of pickle and for me there was a tad too many (I understand not everyone see this as an issue).

The lunch was better than expected and was good value for the £5 that I paid. The chips would be an easy improvement to make, they tasted perhaps a little stale maybe frozen? I'm unsure.

Service was good and speedy (a necessity when you're on an hour lunch) and they were most helpful when notified them that the air con unit was in fact freezing us in our seats.

Other menu choices in my dining group included the club sandwich and the chicken teriyaki sandwich, both were as substantial in size and looked pretty good to be fair.

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