Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Liquorist £5 Lunch - Leeds

Pay Day lunches are one of the things that makes the working month more bearable. There are three criteria for a pay day lunch:

a) location - a half an hour walk across town leaves you no time to eat.

b) cost - it's a lunch with co-workers not the Maharaja's birthday.

c) caterbility - new word, the ability to cater for all.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Mans Market - Leeds

It's not often that you will hear my say I'm going to dine out at a Chinese restaurant, when I told people that is what I was going to do I was met with looks of confusion. Sadly the perception of Chinese restaurants (in Leeds at least) has been formed by the many poor attempts at Chinese food, usually in the shape of all you can eat buffets. I've not always been a food snob and as a hungover teen I frequented a few of said establishments and only changed my mind on eating in them when I saw a member of staff pour water in to the container... to you know, keep the food 'fresh'. 

Anyway, Mans Market isn't a Chinese buffet. I'd seen a few things about it on ol' social media and thought it might be worth a try when friends suggested going somewhere new for our foodie gathering.