Thursday, 1 December 2016

Rola Wala Leeds is TWO !!

Things have changed at incredible speed in Leeds over the last few months, it doesn't feel like 2.5 years ago since Trinity opened and it feels like John Lewis only opened a couple of weeks ago.. oh wait. 

It most definitely doesn't feel like two years since Rola Wala decided to call Leeds their home from home (that other home being London) and set up permanent residency in Trinity Kitchen. I can't even remember what was situated in the permanent fixture before these guys came along, what I do remember is trying Rola Wala out when they were but a street food van on the rotation, I was gutted when they left and ecstatic when they decided to stay with us. 

It might have taken a little while for the word to get out (beyond the foodie twitter world) and in to Leeds' conscious but now they're there they're fully cemented. Each and every time I've visited there has been a steady stream of customers, personally I've seen the uplift in customers since the introduction of the bowls, a reduced carb option featuring all the loved twisted Indian toppings but on top of cauliflower rice. I think I now prefer these over the wraps. 

To celebrate their second birthday Rola Wala has introduced two new menu items, the Nagaland Lamb and Vegan Keralan Cauliflower. D and I decided to share the two between us so that the other didn't miss out, I guess that's love hey? 

The Nagaland Lamb was served in the traditional Rola Wala Naan wrap and we chose an optional topping of paneer and all the veg with a medium sauce. The lamb is packed with a spicy punch, it's cooked brilliantly but if you're not a fan of spice this option isn't for you, it's the level of spice that makes your lips and tingle and your tongue go slightly numb. I had to pop my little white flag of defeat before I could make it halfway through the wrap and left the chap to devour the rest (he apparently has a waxed mouth like Homer Simpson..). 

The Vegan Keralan Cauliflower served bowl style was more to my suiting, not too spicy and packed full of different textures and flavours. There are a lot of Vegans in Leeds, it seems that the people I once knew as vegetarians have (most of them actually) taken that addition step in to Vegan so it's good to see more options popping up. 

Rola Wala have always had interesting and intriguing drink selection, slap your wrists should you go for something 'normal' like Fanta (do they even sell fanta?) when there are so many different options to chose from. D chose the Karma Cola as recommended to him by a work colleague as the best cola out there, even better than coke. The only coke I'm an expert in is diet coke (don't even think about giving me coke light, no it's not the same) and although I could taste the difference it wasn't going to be my first choice. I opted for Rola Wala's own brand of mango, turmeric and lime. Despite not having a snazzy bottle I much preferred this over the cola and it provided great refreshment from the spice and complimented the dishes perfectly. 

In case you needed any more reasons to visit Rola Wala they're also good chaps in that every naan roll sold at Trinity Kitchen they will provide a school meal to a child living in poverty. 

Roll on the next two years and hopefully more! 

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