Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Mitre Inn - Knaresborough

I love Knaresborough, no matter the season. In the summer and spring you can climb aboard a rowing boat and sail down the river, in the autumn the colours of the trees are truly mesmerising and in the winter it make for a good stroll in the brisk Yorkshire air with the peace of mind that there isn't a warm cosy pub too far away.

Unfortunately the day that we visited Knaresborough my map reading skills weren't on fleek and we ended up lost several times until it started raining and we decided to seek cover in a pub. I'd already carried out some research prior to our visit on places to eat (something I tend to do right unlike map reading) as we needed a pub that was dog friendly and didn't only serve Sunday lunches on a Sunday... because believe it or not, not everyone likes Sunday lunch.

There are some pretty handy and knowledgeable people on twitter and one such person recommended The Mitre Inn to me. Not only is it dog friendly but it also serves a regular lunch menu alongside a Sunday roast offering, plus it's a CAMRA pub, perfect.

The Mitre Inn isn't too hard to find as it runs parallel with the railway station. When we arrived I was surprised at just how many dogs were also enjoying a Sunday afternoon in the pub, literally every table had a dog. I love dogs, I love people with dogs, they're so friendly! It's a talking point and it puts my faith back in the human race that most people are in actual fact decent human beings.

We were advised of a small wait for food due to a larger pre-booked table already in there, we weren't too fussed as we were glad to be out of the rain and warming our cockles.

As it was Sunday and we had been/attempted to go on an cold autumnal walk I was always going to choose the Sunday roast. This opens a whole can of worms which you can read in my other blogs, I really struggle to find good roasts outside of my own home or my dad's home. There's just nothing better and I'm highly critical.

I ordered the beef roast served with seasonal veggies.

Again with the Yorkshire's balanced on top of the rest of your food, I honestly don't understand this trend? Is it perhaps to stop your Yorkshire from becoming soggy in the gravy? If that's the case don't put it on my plate until you're ready to bring it to my table. It can't be much fun for the staff to attempt to get it to tables without it ending up on the floor, or in a dogs mouth before your own either.

The beef was good albeit a little Luke warm which I guess is to be expected, it's not a carvery where the meat is churned out all day. The Yorkshire Pudding (despite my gripes about its situation on my plate) was a good size and nicely risen, not a soft and fluffy as my dad's (or my own recently) but as far as pub standards go it a was good. The vegetables were a let down for me all of them, including the roast potatoes, were underdone.

Other meals on the table included another portion of Sunday lunch, a burger and curry (which had banana in it! Apparently it was nice...). Everyone enjoyed their meal and I was rather impressed by the amount of ales they had behind the bar. The atmosphere was lovely and although the roast wasn't up to my exceedingly high expectations I would visit The Mitre Inn again.

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