Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Missoula Montana Bar and Grill - York

Missoula York wasn't exactly on my radar but a trip to York for leisure reasons (not work) was well overdue, so when they invited me to come and try their menu I was glad to help out. Missoula is a chain that isn't present in Leeds (hard to believe I know!) but they have six bars in other cities and three bar and grills (aka they serve food too) in other cities too. York is one of the lucky three.

My pre-visit impressions were created by the name having no knowledge of them before, it was clearly an American food themed bar and grill (Missoula being in Montana in America) and perhaps a lively night spot as it came with 'bar' in the name and it is fairly close to other bar and restaurants in York.

We'd spent a rather sunny day wandering around the streets of York, trying to find antique and second hand shops and pretty much failing miserably. We checked on the progress of the York Minster refurb and still felt the entrance fee was pretty steep so we just walked around it rather than in it... a shame if it puts off further afield visitors also. We rested our heels in a pub on the Shambles and then the heavens opened just as we were about to set off to Montana. Luckily York is a rather small city centre so we didn't get too wet.

We arrived to a very very quiet bar. It was much larger than I was expecting and we had to navigate through the extensive bar area to the restaurant (?) area at the back. We were shown to a table which over looked the Ouse and we stared out on to the balcony at the pouring rain wishing for brighter alfresco type weather. Despite it being quiet (it was a Sunday) we were grateful for the clear distinguished area of restaurant and bar, as too often places of the same genre lump everyone in together making it a rather unenjoyable and loud dining experience.

D was driving and having shared a trio flight of ales in the Shambles Tavern he ordered a coke, not pictured due to being boring. I ordered a strawberry daiquiri from their extensive cocktail list. Their cocktail list, like many at the moment, was dotted with various varieties of gin cocktails, but for me there is only one spirit that warms my cold heart. Rum. 

Strawberry Daiquiri

As far as daiquiris go it wasn't the best of my life, there was one particular daiquiri which really peaked them for me and nothing has ever managed to reach it's high expectations since. However, I wasn't disappointed by my drink, no it was truly palatable, fruity and delicious. 

Starters were agreed upon by first deciding what to have for mains and not clashing the two together as could have easily have been done, trio of burger sliders and a burger for main... not for me. Not today at least. 

D ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Skewers. 

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

The skewers were supposed to come sprinkled with sesame seeds but these appeared to be missing but at least the side of satay sauce was present. I struggled to pick out the sweet teriyaki flavours and they just seemed to be dip your own satay skewers to me. D enjoyed them but also agreed that they were more satay skewers than teriyaki. 

I ordered the pork ribs. 

BBQ Ribs

The ribs were marinated with BBQ sauce and dotted with VERY crispy (pretty hard) fried battered onion. The ribs were slightly dry at the ends and the additional pot of BBQ sauce was most welcome. 

D and I had a craving for burgers, but we couldn't agree on which ones to have and didn't want to order the exact same thing. So being the democratic couple we are we decided to chose one each and divided them up between us. 

Our choices were the New York Deli Burger and the Cheese, Bacon and Pulled Pork Burger. 

New York Deli Burger 

The New York Deli burger has a patty topped with salt beef brisket alongside tomato, pickle, lettuce and cheddar cheese. The salt beef was good and it definitely made the burger, but it will never be as good as the real deal at Ira B's in Roundhay a Jewish run establishment that serve traditional Jewish food such as chicken schnitzel, chicken soup and of course salt beef sandwiches. 

Pulled Pork Burger 

The Pulled Pork Burger was a messy affair to eat but you'll be glad to know I managed it. The pulled pork was deliciously saucy and it wasn't disappointing at all. The chips were bang on. 

Overall the burgers were of a good standard, nice thick patty's plenty of flavour and seasoning. Again it doesn't quite reach the heady heights of my favourites Byron Burger but if you're hankering for a burger and your mate quite fancies a steak or a salad then Missoula could be your compromise, plus the cocktails are pretty decent too so you can while away an afternoon pretty easily spreading it in to the night... until the next thing you know you're dancing on the tables and being kicked out on to the cobbles waking up the next morning wondering how you managed to once again fail at being a sensible adult... okay maybe that's just me. 

The staff (singular I only met one member) at Missoula were great, very accommodating, friendly and participated in conversation but not aggressively or overbearingly so. The mood was relaxed with jazz playing the background a perfect end to our day in York. 

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