Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Mugen Tea House - Sheffield

Just when you think spring is on its way Mother Nature loudly declares 'only kidding' and showers you with snow. This happened to me when working in our Sheffield office, I was hoping to venture out in to sunny Sheffield and enjoy the best of the best lunches... but once the snow turned I headed for the nearest place. That place was (apart from Sainsbury's) Mugen Tea House.

Mugen Tea House is situated in 'The Hide' which is an events and art exhibition on Scotland Street. They opened last year and things seemed a little quiet when I appeared one Tuesday lunchtime. 

I was greeted by a lovely lady who was busying whiling away the time on her laptop but had no hesitation in dropping everything to serve me. The choice of tea was almost overwhelming and with such a wide variety I had no idea where to start… so I chose something familiar to me, Ginger Tea. My favourite Ginger Tea is ‘Three Ginger’ by Pukka, I often like to drink it on an evening when I need a little warming but want to avoid caffeine so I can sleep soundly. I’ve yet to taste another Ginger Tea that beats it, perhaps then a wrong decision when trying out a new tea place. 

It didn’t quite beat my favourite runner and to be honest I struggled to pick out the ginger except from the colour in the teapot which had turned a slight orange shade. It definitely tasted like tea should so no fault there I just like a little more gingery spice with my Ginger Tea. 

Another thing that attracted me to Mugen’s is that they had declared their sandwiches to only be £2.50 each… every penny counts when you’re buying a house so a cheap lunch option is favourable. I opted for the mozzarella and chorizo sandwich which comes toasted.

The lovely lady disappeared down a corridor to make my sandwich and I was left alone in the tea room to wait and sup my tea. Around 10 minutes or so later I was given my sandwich. It wasn’t the most amazing sandwich I’ve ever had, this doesn’t mean it was bad, it was adequate for the price I paid. I’d voiced my views on Twitter when asked about it that day and was met with a query from the venue itself on how to improve, I can offer you little unless you can find yourself a good quality but cheap bread supplier (such as Leeds Bread Co-op that we have in my home town) and perhaps maybe some more daring filling combinations drifting a little further from the norm. I understand the focus is on tea but I know some good coffee houses with excellent lunch offerings which clearly helps them bring in the customers. 

If you’re mad for tea, or perhaps just a little curious I’d definitely recommend a visit. They do take out and cake too.

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