Friday, 22 April 2016

Skyr Yoghurt - A taste of Iceland made in Yorkshire

Have I mentioned that I went on holiday to Iceland and absolutely loved it? Well the word seems to be getting out that I am fanatical about all things Iceland as I was contacted by Hesper Farm in Skipton to review their Iceland yogurt - Skyr.

So what is Skyr and why is different from regular yogurt? Well it is much thicker than regular yogurt, it is high in protein, contains less sugar, high in calcium and is naturally 0% fat. Win win if you're on a bikini diet (I'm not but I'm playing with the idea).

You may have seen Skyr yogurt on supermarket shelves already but what makes this version of Skyr even more special is that it's produced right here in Yorkshire. The owners of Hesper farm took a trip to Iceland (and fell in love with the country like I did), underwent an intensive course in the art of Skyr making and then brought it back to produce in a purpose built dairy here in God's own country.

Skyr was originally introduced to Iceland by the Vikings, they were a dab hand at preserving things and this yogurt which is made with 4 times the amount of regular yogurt lasts much longer than regular yogurt too. With a lifestyle like mine when you never know when you're going to be making your next home cooked meal it's perfect. It's far too often an occurrence that my yogurts sit festering in the fridge until they've grown legs and walked out the door.

Plus if the Vikings were eating it by eating it you're pretty much a Viking yeah?... And who doesn't want to be a Viking right??!!

I've had Skyr yogurt for breakfast with granola or topped with fresh fruit and it's lovely, so thick and not sour at all. The blueberry flavour is definitely my favourite out of the fruity varieties (which also include black cherry and raspberry).

I'm not a huge fan of eating plain yoghurt as it comes so instead I used this pot for faked (baked) fried chicken and it was fabulous, it really helped the breadcrumb stick to the chicken.

Another aspect that I like about Hesper Farm and Skyr Yogurt is that their cows are all free range, they have names like 'baby' (who is featured on the yogurt pots) and are cared for like a family members.

Thankfully you don't have to travel to Skipton for your supply of Skyr yogurt as you can find it at these local stockists:

  • Keelham Farm (Skipton) 
  • Keelham Farm (Thornton) 
  • Blacker Hall Farm Shop (Wakefield) 
  • Berts Barrow (Leeds) 
  • Henshelwoods Deli (York) 
  • Fodder (Harrogate) 
  • Booths Supermarket 

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