Thursday, 21 April 2016

Malton - Yorkshire's Food Destination

If you have a passionate for food you need to visit Malton.

North East of York it's not as far as you'd think, just a 50 minute train ride or an hour in the car from Leeds and you're transported in to the glorious Yorkshire countryside and in to the fantastic world of independent and artisan food producers.

This small town is a buzzing hive of foodie activity. No matter what time of year, month or day you go there is bound to be something happening in this tiny little Yorkshire town.

What does Malton offer food lovers?

Independent Food Producers 

Talbot Yard Food Court is a food court like none other that I have seen or experienced. In a previous life it was an old stable court but these days you will find a range of different stores offering specialist ingredients and treats including a bakery, fresh pasta, ice cream, coffee house, butchers, and a brewery (1 of two in the town).

Outside of Talbot Yard you will find fish mongers, butter producers, more bakeries, another brewery, sweet shops, fruit and veg producers, restaurants, cafes, tearooms, pubs the list is extensive! I'm looking forward to another trip (probably on a Saturday when most are likely to be open) to grab a few Yorkshire delicacies.

Malton Cookery School 

I attended the cookery school with a gaggle of other bloggers, we took a 4 hour cookery lesson learning around the world recipes with a Yorkshire twist. There were 5 separate meals to cook and to enable us to do this in 4 hours we were all separated in to different work stations, each work station helping to prepare a separate part of the meal.

The school is a great idea if you're looking to organise a corporate event, a team building exercise for your work, hen party or stag party. The chefs are incredibly well organised and have everything laid out and waiting for you, the customers (although I'm not too sure about the chefs) feel no stress or pressure at all.

The cookery school caters for all abilities, so you needn't be worried if you've never in your life made a fricassee before. Although I didn't learn a great lot from the day as an experienced home cook (or so I'd like to think) I did pick up some ideas for future home cooked meals and it didn't prevent me from enjoying the experience. If I really wanted to brush up on my techniques or learn something completely new I'd probably opt for one of the smaller more tailored courses. One particular course that has caught my eye which is a part of the Malton Food Festival involves cooking alongside the head chef of Norse (based in Harrogate).

Here are some of the dishes we cooked on the day. Do take a look at their website to find out more about the courses their running throughout the next few months.

Swedish Mackerel on sourdough with cucumber relish 

Mini Pizzas with Yorkshire Toppings

Coq au Wall (Coq au vin but with local beer) served with pomme Anna and pea francais

Oops only took photos of the potatoes and peas! 

Local Pork served with smoked mushroom dust, gnocchi and an Italian mushroom stew 

Black Forest Gateau Malton Style (trio of desserts) 

Foodie Events 

Alongside their all year food producers and cookery school Malton also hosts a range of foodie events. There's so much going on in this little town if you do decide to take a trip you may find yourself accidentally stumbling in to the latest foodie event. Some of the upcoming events (which run annually in case you miss them this year) are listed below:

Craft Beer Festival (21 - 23 April 2016)

Tickets are £2 but is refundable if you return your glass at the end of the day, although I suspect many will take their glasses home! There are two breweries in Malton and they both play host to the festival with live music as well (of course) great food!

That's me in the beret listening intently at Brass Brewery - Picture courtesy of Inntravel

Malton Food Lovers Festival (28 -29 May 2016)

This is the big one, it runs twice a year and brings in food producers from all over Yorkshire filling up the square, celebrity chefs come along to do live cooking demos, there's plenty of tastings to be had and delicious street food too. If I can't get a long this time I will definitely be bookmarking it for next time!

Malton Game and Seafood Festival (10 September 2016)

Malton is in the heart of North Yorkshire and an hour or so away from the coast means that there is fresh produce galore. Fish in your local supermarket is likely to be 5 days old before it's placed on the shelves, you can rest assured that the fish you'll find in Malton is fresher than this, I'm not the biggest fan of fish but even I enjoyed the fresh mackerel we ate at the cookery school.

Monthly Food Market 

If you can't get down to one of the big events fear not as Malton holds a monthly food market, packed full of local Yorkshire producers if you're trying to make it big in the food industry Malton's market could be one of the starting points for you. I know someone who would especially enjoy the summer BBQs held in Talbot square with plenty of beer to go around!

To make sure you don't miss any foodie delights on your trip the guys at Visit Malton have made a handy map to steer you in the right direction. (Available to download as PDF here)

Our food tour around Malton was sponsored by Inntravel who are specialists in tailored holidays. Their aim of the day was to showcase to us the around the world delights that could be had in Malton and highlight that their holidays can be well catered to foodies.

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