Saturday, 16 April 2016

Leeds Indie Food Festival Returns in 2016 - My Top Picks

Following the success of last years' Leeds Indie Food Festival they return again in 2016 with more contributors, more events and more discounts for passport holders it would be a crime for any food lover not to get involved.

I've got my passport have you got yours? If you haven't here are some of my top reasons to splash the cash and purchase one:

1. Access to Priority tickets for events

2. Your own personal memory book with stamps for each event or producer you've visited through the festival.

3. Freebies
(inc. a free pastry with every coffee at La Bottega Milanese

4. Discounts
(including 20% of BangWok, 20% off Bundobust, £2 Layne's coffee, all of the offers all of the time at Belgrave and Ox Club, 20% off Rola Wala, 50% of Whittaker's Gin at The Turk's Head and many many more see their website here for a full list).

5. It's only a tenner.

If money was no object and I wasn't set to move house over the festival (I know how inconvenient of me) here is a run down of the events I would be signing up to attend.

Northern Monk X Northern Bloc 

Cost? Free entry; pay for drinks
Date/Time? 12th May 18.30 - 22.00

What's it about? Beer floats of epic proportions, sounds odd but I'm intrigued!!

Boozing and Bar Snacks at BangWok 

Cost? £15
Date/Time? 13th May 19.00 - 22.00

What's it about? Following on the success of last years event BangWok bring you a Thai Style booze up with a melody of food. If last year is anything to go by expect to get very drunk and your bellies satisfied.

The Brunswick Private Dining Room

Cost? £20
Date/Time? 13th May 19.00 - 22.00

What's it about? A Yorkshire Focused menu with seasonal produce, a one off spectacular.

Stir It Up

Cost? £5 (free to passport holders), pay for food and drink
Date/Time? 14th May 20.00-23.30

What's it about? Manjit's Kitchen and Reggae Beats - what more do you need to convince you?!


Cost? Free entry, pay for food and drinks but booking is required
Date/Time? 21st May 10.00-14.00

What's it about? A mash up of Layne's Espresso and Bundobust serving first class brunch.

Leeds Indie Food Meat Up

Cost? £10
Date/Time? 28th May 11.30-14.00

What's it about? Visit Swillington Organic farm and hear the story behind your food, a nose to tail butchery demo and a taster of some of their delicious home bred food.

Edible Art Show: City of Cake

Cost? Free
Date/Time? 14th to 20th May 11.00 - 18.00

What's it about? Following the success of last years' edible art show the team at 'The Gallery in Munro House' have gone bigger and better this year by producing, with the help of Tattoo Bakers, a city of cake, but not any old city it's Leeds!

Smoking Goat at Ox Club

Cost? £29
Date/Time? Various dates over the festival

What's it about? Smoking Goat is making waves down in London and is even receiving praise from some of the harshest of restaurant critics. They have obviously heard about the amazing food scene in Leeds and have decided to cash in by making a guest appearance at our very own Ox Club in Headrow House.

Victorian Banquet by Candlelight

Cost? £35
Date/Time? 15th May 18.30-22.00

What's it about? I'm sure this was on my wish list last year but I never found time to attend, based a Whitlelock's they take you on a journey through time back to when they were founded in 1715 with full waiter service.

See anything you fancy? Make sure you book ASAP to avoid missing out.

Of course the event wouldn't be the same without 'Leeds Feast' on the final weekend, this year it is going to be held across three venues and this year it's free entry for all (not just passport holders).

For a full listing of events see Leeds Indie Food's website, grab a passport and enjoy discounts and free entry to many of their events!

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