Monday, 7 March 2016

Sunday Lunch at The Tetley - Leeds

I'm not sure why I keep doing this to myself, and by 'this' I mean going out for Sunday lunch when there is a perfectly good roast waiting at my dad's house for me every Sunday. I'm left feeling dissatisfied and a little robbed if I'm honest.

I'd heard mixed reviews about The Tetley but I was hoping that it was down to some sort of teething problems and they had the experience under their belt now to serve a decent meal. They have a great space to work with and hopefully provide some fantastic food, but unfortunately their concepts seem to be a bit too out there for general folk (me included - read on). We found ourselves in the general area and also rather hungry so we thought we'd give them a go and seen as it was Sunday put their roast to the test.

We opted to sit in the restaurant rather than the bar, both almost merge together and it isn't completely evident until someone tells you that they are two separate areas. The restaurant requires you to be seated and a waiter/ress takes your order. I believe in the bar area you can take your pick of seats and orders are placed at the bar.

Service was slow from the get go, with it taking a while for us to be seated despite there being tables immediately available, we were left standing in the way and were asked by two others if we needed any help.

When we were finally seated and with menus in hands we had to wait some time to order drinks and then wait for  said drinks. We were asked by another member of the waiting team if we had ordered drinks as clearly it was apparent we had been sat without any for some time. When food was finally ordered we kept it simple and both ordered the Sunday lunch.

Sunday lunch was narrowed down to either toad in the hole (not really Sunday lunch) or pork and beef (served together) with the usual trimmings.

I was shocked and horrified to see a roast dinner being brought out to us on a chopping board. Accompanying the roast was garlic boiled cabbage and the liquid from this (mixed with whatever other juices there present) preceded to drip from the board down the waitresses t-shirt as she struggled to maneuver it with the balanced gravy jugs from the kitchen to our table.

It looked small and I wondered if we were both to receive a board of food, plates were brought out to us and it was confirmed that this was all we were getting. We dished out the food evenly and it looked a little more substantial once we had done so. Why they can't just serve it on plates in the first place to avoid all this faffing about and arguing about who got the crispiest roast potato (FYI neither of us) I don't know. I guess it's all in the name of aesthetics and trends.

I also worry about how clean these wooden boards are (or becoming an old fart), I know from experience that they don't fair too well in dishwashers which is how you would normal burn off all the nasties. The rather large crack in the wood suggests this isn't kept from the dishwasher and it's presence left me wondering what germy wonders lurked within it.

The meat was cold, I suspect from being kept on a wooden board piled high with other food stuffs rather than being served on a hot plate as is the normal fashion. The beef was salty and too tough to cut let alone eat in places.

The Yorkshire puddings were hard and stale; I struggled to eat it despite drowning it in gravy.

The roast potatoes were under-cooked and not nearly roast potatoes in my book, who wants a greasy lump of potato? The carrots were scrimped on with half a carrot each and the pea shoots weren't really necessary and instead got lost in the gravy.

To add insult to injury the gravy was lumpy.

The best part of the roast was the cauliflower cheese, plenty of crispy well-cooked cheese that left you scraping the bowl, my only criticism? One tiny bowl to share between two was not enough.

Sunday lunch plus two cokes came in at just under £30. Should have gone to my dad's...

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