Sunday, 27 March 2016

Veeno Wine Tasting - Leeds

Veeno is located on Duncan Street (the street running below Briggate) in Leeds. It has a rather unassuming frontage but inside there is delight to be found. Veeno serves Sicillian wines alongside authentic Italian spuntini (sharing platters). The wine served is specially selected from the founder's (or one of) family vineyard bringing the grape straight to your glass, in their words not mine. Intrigued by the family vineyard I've had a curious glance over some pictures and to me it looks like the Italian dream, fields of vines and white buildings casting shadows in the sunset. I can imagine sitting outside drinking away many a summer evening... perhaps why I shouldn't own my own vineyard.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

La Bottega Milanese - Bond Court, Leeds City Centre

I have visited Bottega countless times, their place in Bond Court more so than their place in The Light, mainly because it's the closest place to my work that sells decent coffee. You're surrounded by chain coffee shops in Leeds no matter where you go, in a 200 yard radius around where I work you will find two Caffe Neros, Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Pret a Manager and various other places you can get substandard coffee from. I think you'll find this is the same in most cities and probably most towns too.

Since quick starting my coffee education at Laynes Espresso I now know why chain coffee tastes so crap, a combination of things namely poor beans, over roasting and a lack of attention to detail... and dare I say it, passion?

So what does Bottega do right that the chains are doing wrong?

Monday, 7 March 2016

Sunday Lunch at The Tetley - Leeds

I'm not sure why I keep doing this to myself, and by 'this' I mean going out for Sunday lunch when there is a perfectly good roast waiting at my dad's house for me every Sunday. I'm left feeling dissatisfied and a little robbed if I'm honest.

I'd heard mixed reviews about The Tetley but I was hoping that it was down to some sort of teething problems and they had the experience under their belt now to serve a decent meal. They have a great space to work with and hopefully provide some fantastic food, but unfortunately their concepts seem to be a bit too out there for general folk (me included - read on). We found ourselves in the general area and also rather hungry so we thought we'd give them a go and seen as it was Sunday put their roast to the test.