Monday, 1 February 2016

Stofan Cafe - Reykjavik, Iceland

Not wanting to restrict ourselves to just the one coffee shop, although it was hard not to with a place like Reykjavik Roasters on our doorstep, we ventured to Stofan a less raved about coffee house.

Situated near the harbour it consists of two floors of second hand furniture; it is coffee house by day and bar by night. We'd had a busy morning taking the car to the garage to have four new wheels fitted after we burst one in the snow the night before (who knew if one wheel goes on a four by four all of them have to be replaced). We had no food in the apartment but were desperate to get the tired fixed so headed straight there, a couple of hours later we were hungry and drained we needed coffee and food.

A Google search found Stofan and suggested they also sold lunch. When we arrived we enquired in to lunch and were told it wasn't quite ready but home made vegetable soup was the only thing on the menu. I've had some bad flu experiences with vegetable soup that I won't go in to, but you can guess how horrific it is when I say I have been scarred for life and will never eat veg soup again. So instead I opted for a croissant and a Swiss hot chocolate (read extra chocolaty).

The atmosphere was relaxed with most people working in there during the day and taking advantage of the unlimited filter coffee. It didn't hit the top of the coffee shops for me but it was a nice change of scenery and I enjoyed admiring the furniture.

Two coffees and two croissants came in at £12.07 (2250 kr).

Our last day in Iceland consisted of us wandering around town taking pictures and discovering the places we hadn't managed to see on our first day, the daylight hours being seriously restricted in winter time doesn't leave you with much time to explore the city. I think D was just glad not to be driving any more.

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