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Leeds Kirkgate Market - The Next Generation - Food Hall and Artisan Food Producers

Picture Courtesy of Leeds City Council

I’ve been visiting Leeds Kirkgate Market for as long as I can remember. Some of the stalls I loved the most have gone but thankfully some of them still remain. I remember holding my nose as I was dragged through the fish market, I remember the lady who hung around on the steps with the long hair, I check in to the pets shop to see if they have any kittens and wish that I could have one, I enjoy handing over my list of ingredients which I have no idea what they are to the Indian lady on my favourite Indian produce stall, I buy soy sauce in bulk at a cheaper price from the small Chinese supermarkets whilst staring avidly at the strange ingredients that look like insects (perhaps they are). It’s fair to say the market is like an old friend to me. 

Picture Courtesy of Leeds City Council

I’m not one to publish press releases that are sent to me by email, too often bloggers are expected to do something for nothing (but I guess that’s another post in itself), however bearing in mind the long standing relationship I’ve had with the market and my fears a few years ago that it might possibly be reduced, I agreed to some free publication for them (and them only before anyone gets any ideas).

A few years ago I visited Manchester’s Arndale market and amongst the fish, meat, veg and general tat stores there was a food hall. I thought this was a great idea, as published in my post here, and suggested that Leeds should do the same. A few years on and Leeds has finally caught up and are getting on with it. 

Picture Courtesy of Leeds City Council

Leeds Kirkgate Market is set to open a ‘Fresh Food Hall’ in the next coming months and they need producers.  If you’re a budding entrepreneur or if you’re already in the food business (or you’re just a bit nosy about what to expect as a consumer) read on.

The multimillion pound refurbishment of the old hall, which was built as a temporary structure following the devastating fire of 1975, is almost finished and will open in spring. The new concept hopes to bring together the meat, fish, game and other fresh produce stalls in to one area within the market. Leeds City Council who own Leeds Kirkgate Market are now looking for speciality food and artisan fresh produce retailers to take up the remaining spots. Some of the people they are hoping to attract include:

World food producers, with speciality, niche and small supermarket offerings

Pies, homemade or handmade, hot or cold

Eggs, dairy and cheese


Artisan breads or bakers


An ice cream parlour

Handmade chocolatiers

Smoothies, shakes, bubble tea, independent coffee

A micro-brewery

A wine retailer

Organic produce

Local or farm produce

If this sounds like you (or someone you want to be) there are two events which are being held for potential new stall holders to attend. It will take place in the market itself and the attendees will be able to see the redevelopment in progress and find out more about the opportunities that are available.

The events will take place on:

Monday 15 February 2016 at 5.15pm to 6.30pm


Wednesday 17 February 20016 at 7.15am to 9.00am

Places are limited so you’ll need to book using the above links, or if you can’t make it but would like to find out more you can call 0113 378 1950 or email

In case you’ve forgotten, Victoria Gate opens in late 2016 which should also increase the footfall for Leeds Kirkgate Market. Exciting times for Leeds! 

Picture Courtesy of Leeds City Council

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