Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Pizza Place With No Name - Reykjavik, Iceland

On the first day of our Iceland adventure we arrived in Reykjavik around 6.30pm which gave us just enough time to unpack a little and assess our surroundings before needing to head out and find food. Thankfully I was more organised on this holiday and had written a list of places to eat, where they are, what they sell (not always obvious from the names) and on average the cost of a meal per person. 

Travelling takes it out of you somewhat so it was a given that we would be wanting beer too, this make The Pizza Place With No Name the ideal first nighter as it's housed with Mikkeller & Friends (a bar which sells local and craft ale - tick!). 

I saved Reykjavik to my Google maps app and whilst on the wifi in the apartment searched for where we needed to go enabling me to direct our way to the restaurant/bar without using any valuable data. (Handy Travel Tip #1) Both places are located on Hverfisgata 12 hiding behind another restaurant, enter at the back, travel up a short amount of stairs and find a door that is only noticeably marked if you take a close look. 

When we peered in it seemed that a table for two would be lucky, we were told that they didn't have a table for two but would a table for four do instead? We breathed a heavy sigh of relief and gladly took the table. 

It wasn't until the menus were handed to us that I began to realise why their name is what it is... the pizzas on the menu literally have no names just a list of ingredients. Pizza isn't the only thing they served as also listed on the menu were things like steak and chicken breast... but how could we not go for the pizza? Especially when the pizzas have such innovative ingredients such as D's who opted for a pizza topped with cabbage?! 

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. We both ordered a pint of Einstok each and whilst waiting for our food set about looking at our surroundings. The decor is to be admired and gawped at, with strange circus clown lamps, to a cupboard of wooden ducks to vintage furniture and a few choice kitchen pieces I wouldn't have minded popping in my bag (I didn't I swear) it kept us entertained.

Annoyingly I didn't take a picture of the menu and I can't find it online so you'll have to bear with me in terms of specific ingredients. 

Alongside our pizza we also ordered some seasoned chips with mayo, when asked if we wanted these with or before our pizzas we gladly said before as all we hadn't eaten since breakfast were sweets on the plane (NB not a sequel to snakes on a plane).

The chips came slightly charred and topped with cheese; the mayo in a separate pot. D was clearly exhausted as he declared them the best chips of his life... they weren't that good but they were pretty great. Slightly charred around the edges they had a slight BBQ taste and they certainly kept us from getting too tipsy as would have happened if they were not around (Iceland beer seems to have a knack of getting me drunk). 

The pizzas arrived pre-cut and before we could finish the chips. I honestly can't recall what else was on D's a part from cabbage, I mean seriously look at it there is almost half a cabbage on his pizza. Good job he likes cabbage.

On my own I had Iceland sausage, chillies and mushrooms. Although not as good as some of the pizzas back home I wouldn't say that it wasn't enjoyable as it was. I'm a fan of the super thin crust and there was a slight raise to this one.

Service was excellent with no need unmet, it was our second expose to the Icelandic (the first being in the car rental place) and we found them once again to be a delight and incredibly friendly. I was even offered some chocolate at the bar when we were paying that the waitress had found and decided to divide out to everyone. Cute. 

Still trying to work out in our heads prices it wasn't until we got back and I looked on my Revolut app that I realised how much this meal cost us... 9405 ISK (exchanged to £51.50) I don't think I have ever paid this much for two pizzas, chips and a couple of beers. Welcome to Iceland! 

We popped upstairs to Mikkeller and Friends after our meal for a pint and a half for a relaxed and informal atmosphere (it was pretty dead at 9pm on a Wednesday evening)... which cost us 2200 ISK (exhanged at £11.99). Eeeep. Iceland was going to be expensive! 

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