Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Laundromat Cafe - Reykjavik, Iceland

The Laundromat Cafe appears on many tourist sites, books, apps and other massed produced tourist drivel. It's a laundret that is also a cafe. Kitsch. Quirky. Wacky. Off-the-wall.

To me, it screams TOURIST TRAP  ALERT. It's also situated on one of the main streets in down town Reykjavik sandwiched between Icelandic jumper and novelty magnet shops. It's not the sort of place that appeals to me... however the blogger within me was arguing with the food lover within me. These two persona's often clash, especially when you're a food blogger. Do I forfeit a night of good food for something that will potentially bring in more hits, that most people are bound to visit or want to visit and know more about? Is it really as bad as I think it will be... At the beginning of our trip I was adamant I wasn't going to go, then I kept saying to D "Maybe I should go, for you know, research purposes". All my witterings past D by as when I huffed and finally decided we should go he had no idea what the place was I was talking about despite us walking past it several times a day with me passing comment each and every time.

So we went, in the name of research and to be honest, I'd run out of places to go to on my list aside from the fine dining restaurants we failed to book in time and had no hope of visiting.

When we arrived there were no tables, we asked if the tables at the back (which were empty) would be available any time soon. We told not and we could sit at the bar instead. I was already reluctantly eating here, I didn't want to perch at the bar and eat too. I stood stubbornly for a few minutes frown upon my face until it was obvious we were going to leave if I didn't have a 'real' table to eat at and they reluctantly let us have a booth which they were saving for a walk in party of four or more... no other people than couples turned up that evening. Perhaps they should have insisted those sat on their laptops on their own using a two person table move to the bar instead of penalising the couples. I was grumpy, it was a long day.

Thankfully they had Einstok on the menu and I ordered a bottle of this Icelandic home brew. So good we bought some in the airport and brought a 6 pack home with us, much cheaper than buying it from local beer deli's.

The menu wasn't inspiring. Clearly brunch was the main focus but how many people are sitting around in Reykjavik town centre during the day instead of getting out of the city and admiring true Iceland? The evening menu was lacking, consisting of burgers, steaks, sandwiches, salads and soups.

D and I both ordered the Hamburger. Served in an odd griddled bun it was pretty average but not disgusting, the meat wasn't fatty or grissley it just wasn't 'wow' like all the rest of the food we had eaten in Iceland. The chips were okay, not too greasy and thinly cut.

This is a meal I could have definitely had back in the UK... and probably for a much more reduced price. Why anyone would put this place at the top of their list is beyond me.

We had planned to drive out and see the Northern Lights that night so we needed some caffeine, to combine a dessert with the need for caffeine we both ordered a Swiss Mocha. An incredibly chocolaty concoction it certainly kept us going... but then it could have also been the adrenaline after we burst the tire in a snow storm late at night on a road with no hard shoulder and had to drive 10 miles with the alloy scraping along the road until we could pull over...

The meal cost £47.21 (8770 kr.).

p.s. the staff were rude and grumpy.

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