Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Tamper Coffee - Sheffield

I bloody love Twitter (when I'm not being trolled or abused... okay it's a love hate relationship), if you're heading somewhere new and you need something Twitter almost always has the answer (unless it's Lincolnshire, no one in Lincolnshire appears to have Twitter). So when I needed to go to Sheffield for work and coffee was needed Twitter helped point me in the right direction, I have recommendations that will keep me caffeinated in Sheffield for many more visits too.

The coffeehouse that stuck out as the one to go visit first for me was Tamper Coffee. Aptly named after the tamper in which baristas pack down your espresso Tamper Coffee hopes to bring to Sheffield a small insight in to the Kiwi coffee scene, as in the country not the fruit I'm not sure kiwi fruits drink coffee, but I might be wrong.

To be honest whilst I was in New Zealand at the tender age of 22 I hadn't noticed much of the coffee culture in New Zealand, I wasn't a coffee drinker at that point with the caffeine of youth keeping me going instead. The closest I came to their coffee culture was sitting in Starbucks drinking tea writing in my travel journal or buying a beverage in Squires to be able to use their free wifi. I've heard however that like Australia the New Zealanders over the last decade or two have seen a coffee revolution and with that many artisan and expert coffee houses have begun to spring up. There is also a growing debate of who out of the two countries invented the flat white and having read about their respective flat whites it seems to me there is much more to a flat white that just milk to coffee ratio that I was originally led to believe.

Tamper Coffee have two locations on Westfield Terrace and Sellers Wheel, I visited Westfield Terrace but Sellers Wheel sounds like a whole other experience in itself with a kitchen that opens after hours on a Friday night for craft beer, cocktails, dining and of course coffee.

I visited the Westfield Terrace branch midweek on a lunch time. I arrived to be greeted by a small unassuming place that was cosy and warm inside, a wide smile from behind the counter welcomed me and pointed me in the direction of the menu. 

My coffee of choice this day was a Piccolo, slightly smaller than a flat white with a ristretto shot of coffee (a shorter shot of espresso arguably better than other shots as the lower liquid levels aims to reduce the acidity). The blend was much bitterer
than I'm used to but I liked it all the same.

To eat I opted for a season cranberry and brie sandwich. Served on thick chunky bread with chilled brie and no scrimping on the cranberry it was delicious.

The small coffee shop slowly filled up as the minutes went by, the atmosphere was relaxed which was a nice change from the rushed stressed lunches of Leeds city centre and I didn't feel like an odd ball, neither was I made to feel like one, from sitting on my own. 

I'm looking forward to exploring more of what Sheffield has to offer and if I can sneak a Friday evening trip down I will definitely be beelining for Tamper's evening experience at Seller's Wheel. 

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