Friday, 29 January 2016

Ostabudin - Reykjavik, Iceland

On the celebration of the last year of my 20s... wait, should that be the mourning of my last year of my 20s?

It was my birthday.

After a manic few days driving around Iceland in our Dacia Duster I decided that I would like to spend my day of birth in the Blue Lagoon. Who wouldn't want to spend their birthday in a Geothermal spa? I wanted to go somewhere special for my birthday meal but dumbass over here didn't think to book any of the top restaurants before going to Iceland... even on a Sunday they are booked. I do this every time.

So instead we headed to Ostabudin which had received great reviews and was on my 'to go list'. We arrived circa 8pm following our post spa nap at the apartment. We were bright eyed and ready to sink our teeth in to some great food and wash it down with some great wine. Not sure whether the Northern Lights would make an appearance we were playing it safe and ordered half a bottle to share between us.

As is custom in many foreign countries bread is served free of charge to nibble on whilst you ponder over the menu, something that happens occasionally in Britain but not enough for my liking (or at least not enough for free). We also ordered some olives to nibble on whilst we waited for our mains (deciding to substitute starters for desserts on this occasion). The tub of olives was plentiful and we struggled to finish them before our mains arrived.

D ordered the Icelandic lamb served with vegetables. All of the lamb we tried in Iceland was beautiful, if gives our Welsh sheepies a run for their money, soft succulent and well seasoned.

My main came with a health warning. I ordered the wild goose served on a bed of potato and vegetables with reindeer meatballs. I was advised that as the goose isn't farmed but instead hunted there may be pellets in my goose and so I was to chew carefully to avoid losing a tooth.

I found my meal to be incredibly rich, the reindeer had such a loaded and meaty taste paired with an expectantly meaty goose it was all a little too much for my palate and best I tried I couldn't finish my dish.

We'd read a few reviews on the Internet prior to arriving and many of them raved about the French chocolate cake, their own website declaring it to be the best chocolate cake in town, and so the French chocolate cake was to be had. It was my birthday after all, and this was going to be my only option to have cake on this birthday with us being away. I'm making excuses but clearly there is always good reason to have cake.

The chocolate cake was topped with blood orange and hazelnuts. It was decant, delicate, something that can rarely be said about the usually thick and loud (but comforting) chocolate cake. I had no problems in finishing my dessert.

The waiters that night were on top form, friendly Icelandic men who were keen to hear our views on the meal. It's clear they are passionate about the food they are producing. To the side and attached to the restaurant is a delicatessen open in the day I wished we had taken the time to take a look one day and perhaps smuggled some meats and cheeses back home.

The restaurant is bigger than first appears, when we arrived with no table booked it appeared they were fully booked but we were led in to a back room and were easily sat down next to a large group. A large group of 'parent-age' adults who were ridiculously loud, embarrassingly British and painfully shrieking throughout our meal. Hey-ho, you can't have it all.

The meal cost £84.35 (5590 kr.).

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