Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Noodle Station - Reykjavik, Iceland

Following an expensive day wandering the streets of Reykjavik enjoying coffees, hot dogs and penis museums (not all at the same time) we were in need of something cheap to eat for dinner. Knowing previously that Iceland would be expensive I had looked in to budget eats and the top place to sit in and eat (street food hot dogs being the most obvious choice but with no warm inside seating) was Noodle Station

I spotted two Noodle Stations in Reykjavik but the main branch lies in the city centre not too far away from the main parade of shops... and the penis museum (it sounds odd and it is but I'd definitely recommend a visit). 

Noodle station is cheap because it's basic, this doesn't mean that it's not good so don't let that and the self wiping tables dissuade you. There are three main dishes on the menu: beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup and vegetable noodle soup. You place your order at one end of the corner and it passed to you at the other end. It's fast food but not as you know it.

You can choose whether to add some extra spice to your noodles and if you change your mind there are plenty of pots dotted around with chilli flakes and extra peanuts if you need them. The staff don't appear to come front of house, instead sheltering away behind the counter, so you might need to give your table a quick wipe with kitchen roll before you settle. If you're being considerate you could do so as you leave too whilst disposing of your dishes and rubbish as you exit.

I ordered the chicken and D the beef, I had asked for them both to be spicy but D added extra chilli which almost blew his head off. If you're not sure about spice add it yourself at the table. We both lapped up our dishes, D a little faster than myself. I left the broth until last to slurp it down like a comforting brew. Upon finishing our meals we were truly satisfied and ready to slip off back home to enjoy an early night (it was a tiring first day!).

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