Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Kaffihus Vesturbajar - Reykjavik, Iceland

We had decided to spend our first full day in Iceland exploring the city we were to call home for the next few days, Reykjavik. Having arrived in the evening and shot off for food we hadn't bought anything in for breakfast. On my handy travel plan I had noted that Kaffihus Vesturbajar not only did great coffee but also served brunch. So off we trotted.

A little off the beaten track with not too much else around we found the Kaffihus whilst also navigating across all the blocks of solid ice! It'll take you 15-20 minutes or so to reach it on foot if you're heading in from town, most of the customers therefore are Icelandic setting up mini offices for the day.

When we arrived we couldn't decide where to sit. We positioned ourselves near the door but D felt too jammed in by the person behind him, so then we moved to an awkward semi-circle table set against the wall, then we finally settled on a large sharer table in the middle.

Looking around we struggled to see any food... or menus. D went up to the counter and asked if they served food, he was told they did but it wouldn't be available for another half an hour (11.30am) and they didn't have menus you just had to ask what was on that day. This seemed like a struggle but we had walked all this way already and de-clothed so we decided to order coffees and wait.

By the time 11.30am came D couldn't remember the dishes that were available so we both went back up to the counter to be told again. Accents were pretty strong and I struggled to understand a lot of what I was told so I opted for the Vegan option as this felt like the safe option. D chose the omelette after it being clarified to him that it didn't contain fish.

We ordered a couple more coffees whilst we waited and I played around with my new toy, my SLR, much to the annoyance of some of the business types.

Food arrived fairly quickly, I hadn't finished my coffee at least! As it turned out I had ordered avocado on toast topped with sweet peppers and rocket. It was refreshing and satisfying, I particularly liked the overdose of rocket as I my 5 a-day when awry the day before.

D's omelette arrived with a side of rocket too and looked delicious. He ate it up pretty speedily so I think it is fair to say it was good!

The price of two lattes (I couldn't see flat white on the menu, my usual coffee of choice) was 1180 ISK (exchanged at £6.42), more expensive than independent coffee places in the UK but roughly the same price as a Starbucks (just to note, I don't like Starbucks). The food plus another two coffees was 5160 ISK (exchanged at £28.12), I feel that the same in Leeds would have cost approx. £20 so not too inflated.

Kaffihus Vesturbajar serve Reykjavik Roasters coffee which can be found in the town centre just down from the Hallgrimskirkja Church. Reykjavik Roasters has a smaller establishment and it tends to be quite busy due to its location, if you have time and are looking somewhere a little less crowded I'd recommend the walk.

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