Thursday, 14 January 2016

Byron Burger - Leeds City Centre

These pictures look much better when fashion bloggers do them.

I know I'm late to the scene on this one but there are just so many damn burger places open that I can’t keep up. In actual fact I had place Byron Burger on a bit of a back burner once I found out that it was a chain restaurant. A chain restaurant really has to peak my interest for me to take an interest and make a concerted effort to visit, if it’s another American food place where they pile your food to ridiculous heights it’s never really going to make the top of the list.

I’d heard good reports though and a few food bloggers had visited so my interest was piqued and then peaked further when I saw pictures of their Christmas special, the Father Cheesemas. My first encounter with Bryon came about due to a work lunch, again around Christmas time we were struggling for bookings of reasonable price and for a large party and Bryon came up trumps.

My first burger option was the Smoky Burger, the Father Cheesemas would have to wait another time (not wanting to appear too fat in front of the colleagues and make a disgusting mess of myself, one has an image to uphold in a professional workplace).  The Smoky burger consists of a 6oz patty, mature cheddar, streaky bacon, crispy fried onions, shredded lettuce, pickles and smoked barbecue sauce. Oh those crispy onions are just simply divine and add a great dimension to what is normally just soft sloppy food.

My second burger option was the Father Cheesemas; I went all out as I was suffering from a post-Christmas Cold, feed a cold and all that jingle. The Father Cheesemas is made up of two 6oz patties, four kinds of cheese, two rashers of bacon, red onion, shredded lettuce, pickles and Cheesemas sauce. 

It was a large burger but not ridiculously so (or perhaps it was and I was in some sort of snot filled daze) as also managed to eat a side of fries. I received a nod of appreciation from a guy on another table and the waiter remarked that I had made a good choice also. Unlike other burger joints’ Christmas specials there were no gravy, sausage or turkey burgers, it wasn't topped with a sprout or a pig in blanket it was just simply indulgent. This is what Christmas tends to be for most people, a time to indulge and pile on the pounds.

You may or may not know this already but all burgers at Byron come served medium as standard but the waiting staff will always ask for your preference, best not to presume someone likes the taste of pink (or can actually eat it, as I found out recently apparently pink is a no go when pregnant… when it’s my time to have bambinos I will not be impressed by having to starve off of the pink stuff).

Service was great on both occasions with the waitress dealing extremely well with a large group of customers and a bit of a mishap when some of our table thought that the burgers came with chips as standard. The absence of chips was dealt with graciously and swiftly with some fries brought out in no time. In a pair we didn't feel that the waiter was overbearing, instead he made light good conversation and mainly left us to it.

Byron as a chain caters for a broad range of people, we saw families in there, young couples, mid aged couples, older couples, groups of friends and a rather well-to-do couple arrived at the same time as us too. The lady graciously ate her burger, her peals swinging with her laughter they seemed to be having a great time. I'd struggle to picture the same broad range of people in some of the other burger joints in the city. 

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Love Byron :) I must go back!