Friday, 29 January 2016

Apotek Restaurant - Reykjavik, Iceland

Literally the worst pictures of our Iceland adventure. I'd worn out the camera all day and so had to reluctantly leave at home with its battery on charge. To make things worse we had one of our best meals at Apotek and my pictures really can't do it justice.

We turned up bundled up in jumpers and jeans, with slightly windswept looks on our faces after a day of driving to the South Coast. As we walked through the doors it was clear this was a classy establishment and we were seriously under dressed, I started to threat that we would be turned away either for looking for so scruffy or because there were no tables available, it was a Saturday night after all. Luckily the Icelandic are friendly and seem to care little about what you rolling up wearing, a paying customer is a paying customer after all.

I'm pretty sure we got a table on a wing and prayer as the place was heaving. We sandwiched in to a small table for two almost sitting with those next to us.

The prices were high, the clientèle were in suits and dresses (why weren't they cold! These gals weren't even wearing tights!) so we bypassed a starter gratefully eating the free bread instead. We both opted for the lamb rack, which was beautifully presented with purées and gravys decorating our plates. It was cooked medium rare with plenty of seasoning and was just perfection. We ordered a portion of rosemary and garlic potatoes to share, a little late in arriving when we pointed out to our waiter they were missing he was so apologetic you'd have thought he had accidentally ran over my cat not forgotten our potatoes.

Our charming and young waiter convinced us that we should try dessert, I'd caught an eyeful of them as we arrived so I didn't need much convincing. Once again our desserts arrived beautifully presented and we shared them between each other. A chocolate  rose cake and a caramel crankie cake they were truly divine and gave us the sugar boost we needed to carry ourselves off home.

We sampled a glass of wine each but it's clear the cocktails are the poison of choice here. The restaurant is housed in one of the oldest buildings in Reykjavik and if you haven't guessed already it was an apothecary. The cocktails are therefore aptly named 'Prescriptions' separated in to painkillers and stimulants. At almost £15 each we didn't splash out on this occasion...

I have to mention our waiter a little more, he was such a darling. He isn't like some of the young waiters I encounter in the UK, he was passionate about his job and took it incredibly seriously. He was also incredibly passionate about his country giving us tips on where to find secret hot pools and where he likes to drive off to and relax. Without him I'm not sure our meal would have been the same.

This was our most expensive meal in Iceland at £101.34 (18730 kr).

To substitute for poor food photography check out some of the photos from our day below.

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