Saturday, 5 December 2015

Pieminister Revisted

I've been raving about Pieminister since they opened, directing people who are looking for a hearty meal their way. Heck I've even bought their pies from Waitrose. I revisit a lot of places and it's usually because something bad has happened or because so much as has changed since I last wrote about them last, or both. I guess you could say this falls in to the latter category.

I visited Pieminister with five others as we retreated from the German Market, the lashing rain and the ridiculously strong winds. It was not a night for the German Market. I was also full of cold and had a particularly wet foot as my shoe had started leaking, but that is by the by. We headed down to Pieminister in search of warmth, shelter, pie and gravy.

We'd already been turned away from one place to eat citing that they were fully booked with Christmas parties so I was feeling anxious that we would be trekking all the way to the other end of town in the rain to be turned away again. I needn't have felt so anxious, the place was barely busy, on a Friday night it was odd. We didn't have to queue and we had our pick of booths and tables. The atmosphere was flat.

Nevertheless we settled down, I was excited to be having a pie (this applies to all pies not just Pieminister pies, I think has something to do with being Northern, or just a fatty), I was even more excited to find a Christmas special list of pies.

I knew instantly what I wanted, the Mistle Moo on mash with a stick of pigs blankets. The Mistle Moo contains beef steak, Stilton, chestnut, bacon and port. Done deal.

Or so I thought.

I gladly gave my orders with everyone else, giving each option with adequate time for the waiter to write down my order. We all settled down and waited for our food.

Plates began to arrive and then there appeared to be an ambiguous Moo pie with no sides. Everyone had there options but where was my pie? We queried it with the serving waitress and I told her what I had ordered, the Mistle Moo, Mash and a stick of pigs in blankets. She went away with the pie. She came back with the same pie, apparently on the receipt it said the order was a Moo with no side of mash. I told her this wasn't what I ordered, the waitress then proceeded to argue with me across a table of my five friends that it must be because that was what was written on the receipt. I stood my ground and told her firmly that it wasn't what I ordered and repeated again what I had ordered. I was fuming. I couldn't believe she was arguing and getting angry with me, she hadn't even taken our order in the first place, clearly a mistake had been made when the other waiter had input the order in to their system. She stroppily told me she would re-order my pie but I would have to wait, I said this was fine as I wanted my order not a naked Moo pie.

I was so angry, I couldn't believe I was being accused of seemingly changing my mind and causing them an inconvenience?! The mood of our party was spoiled, they looked on in trepidation at me voicing that it had happened to the wrong person, of all the people on the table it had to happen to on the table... I was mad. I'm not sure I have made that clear. I turned to twitter and started venting my frustration, I tagged Pieminister in my tweets. I never received a response from them. I realise this was rash but I was fuming, there was red in my eyes I was unstoppable. At least I wasn't being actively aggressive, raising my voice and throwing pies around, if I had I would have understood why the waitress then proceeded to refuse to serve our table and avoided looking any of us in the eye.

The rest of the table joked about how small the mash was, expressing disbelief that a couple of tablespoons of mash had cost them an extra £2. One additional portion of mash had even been smeared in to its dish with what looked like a finger.

My pie eventually turned up with its mash but without its stick of pigs in blankets, I told (the now 3rd) waitress what was missing and it turned up 5 minutes later. To be fair to Pieminister they got my pie out a lot quicker than the first batch of pies but I still was the last to finish my meal and had to sit and watch my friends eat their meals whilst I sat in a venomous stew.

Four of my friends had never visited Pieminister before, I felt embarrassed for recommending them. I think they felt let down by the place, of all the places we could have gone to that night I wish it hadn't of been here.

I won't be visiting again.

I didn't take any pictures of the food that night, I was in full on strop mode, unfortunately it's a bad habit I have when I'm denied food or made to feel that I've been treated unjustly.

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