Friday, 13 November 2015

Caffeine & Co, Leeds Dock

This establishment has now closed. 

Leeds Dock, previously known as Clarence dock and informally known as the Royal Armouries place. For those who don't know, Leeds Dock is slightly out of the city centre it's a nice peaceful place with canal boats moored and the Royal Armouries dominating the horizon. Due to its location it has seen a number of failed attempts to rejuvenate and attract people to the area. Fashion retailers haven't fared too well and have fled the scene; casinos haven't had much luck either. What are left amongst the empty units are Pizza Express, Tesco, Mumtaz and a little(ish) coffee shop call Caffeine & Co.

Caffeine & Co started life in Manchester with the aim of delivering specialist coffee and flawless food from their bakery and kitchens. They're incredibly humble but massively passionate about what they do.

"We think we serve classic third wave coffee, always trying to extract the maximum sweetness from the shot and mixing with perfectly micro-foamed milk to capture distinct notes of caramel and chocolate. " Caffeine & Co, website 2015.

D works relatively close to the area and parks his car even closer so I've been walking past Caffeine & Co with growing curiosity over the last few months. We finally paid a visit one Saturday morning on our way to retrieve the car (too many beers the night before meant D couldn't drive home) and have breakfast/brunch before visiting Yorkshire Sculpture Park, so I had my big camera with me (i.e. good pictures for once).

Inside it's bright (due to the big windows) and airy with tall ceilings with that stripped back look. There are tables and chairs, benches with plug sockets and (rather cleverly and original I thought) separate 'quiet rooms' or meeting rooms with sliding glass doors that are free for anyone to use. If Caffeine & Co was closer to my work place I could see this being a hot place to go to should you wish to have an out office meeting.

We ordered a couple of coffees, flat white for me and a latte for D, and some breakfast. Orders are taken at the counter but drinks and food is brought out to your table.

Flat White

The coffees were excellent with some on point latte art to boot. I've been following their Instagram account for a while and these guys have some serious skills when it comes to latte art, they don't just do hearts in this gaff. The coffee went down a little too well and I had all but finished it by the time my food arrived.

Their main place in Manchester boasts freshly baked bread and I wonder if they import over to Leeds or whether they are using a local supplier, I've struggled to find much about their Leeds site on the internet and their website doesn't recognise they have a place in Leeds.

Food is essentially eggs on toast and then you add on what else you want for an additional cost.

D ordered his eggs poached with beans and bacon.

I too ordered my eggs poached but with bacon and avocado, because... well I still love avocado on toast even though it's probably so popular it's becoming unpopular now.

A nice shot of the yolkporn for you below, the eggs were bright orange suggesting they are fresh eggs from a good supplier. Too often do I buy eggs from the supermarket that barely pass for 'large' and the yolks are pitifully small and yellow. If I could spare the time I'd buy all my eggs from Leeds market where the yolks are as orange as you see below and a large egg is definitely a large egg.

There was only a tiny bit of egg snot but it was clear the poached eggs were cooked in a traditional way, rather than in a mould or my cheat way in clingfilm. The bacon was streaky and smoked, it looked prettier than it tasted and I think I still prefer back bacon on my toast.

Each brunch cost £7.50, not the cheapest but fairly average for the city centre.

I'll definitely be back for a coffee in the not so distant future.

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