Saturday, 21 November 2015

Sunday Lunch at The Deer Park - Roundhay, Leeds

One of my favourite things in life is Sunday dinner.  I'm pretty sure I can be quoted on saying, on more than one occasion, that my last supper of choice would be a Sunday dinner. I was pretty much brought up on a roast dinners as a child, and as a child, roast dinners weren't just for Sundays. I remember friends coming round for tea after school and being in awe that they were being fed a roast dinner mid week. I wasn't aware at that point that people save this special meal just for Sundays.

At the tender age of 18 when I was forced to live on my own (went to uni) the only meal I could cook (well) was a roast dinner, albeit my Yorkshire Puddings needed some work and I all but gave up during my uni years resorting to (warning some may find the next few words may be offensive) Aunt Bessie's frozen Yorkshire pudding batter in tiny tins. Although I'm still working on my Yorkshire Puddings the frozen batter is but a long and distant memory.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Square and Compass - North Rigton, Harrogate (Parish of) LS17

The Square and Compass has been around longer than I would have thought had I of thought about it, with its clean decor and modern branding it's far from the old traditional Yorkshire pub. The Square and Compass was a regular haunt of D's parents when they were younger and their fondness for the place was stretched so far in that they held their wedding reception there 30 odd years ago. I'm almost certain it has changed hands a few times over the years. Currently however The Square and Compass is owned by Malvern Inns and in addition to this they also own The George at Blackwell in Bristol.

The Square and Compass has a Leeds postcode but lies on the edge of Harrogate in a small village called North Rigton which is included in the Parish of Harrogate.  

We'd had a recommendation from a friend that The Square and Compass did a great Sunday Roast, after a walk around Swinsty reservoir we'd decided it was a more than apt time to check them out for ourselves. 

We arrived around 3pm this particular Sunday afternoon, more restaurant than pub the place was packed to the rafters and when we were asked if we had made a booking I was starting to get a little nervous that we would be turned away. Luckily there was room to squeeze two on a small table beside the bar. 

The choice of roasts include chicken, pork, lamb, beef and a trio of meats. For something a bit different they also offer a fish dish or vegetarian options such as bean Wellington and aubergine gratin. 

Friday, 13 November 2015

Caffeine & Co, Leeds Dock

This establishment has now closed. 

Leeds Dock, previously known as Clarence dock and informally known as the Royal Armouries place. For those who don't know, Leeds Dock is slightly out of the city centre it's a nice peaceful place with canal boats moored and the Royal Armouries dominating the horizon. Due to its location it has seen a number of failed attempts to rejuvenate and attract people to the area. Fashion retailers haven't fared too well and have fled the scene; casinos haven't had much luck either. What are left amongst the empty units are Pizza Express, Tesco, Mumtaz and a little(ish) coffee shop call Caffeine & Co.

Caffeine & Co started life in Manchester with the aim of delivering specialist coffee and flawless food from their bakery and kitchens. They're incredibly humble but massively passionate about what they do.

"We think we serve classic third wave coffee, always trying to extract the maximum sweetness from the shot and mixing with perfectly micro-foamed milk to capture distinct notes of caramel and chocolate. " Caffeine & Co, website 2015.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Bundobust leaves you fit to burst with their new menu

Blue Monday's are a thing of the past when Bundobust are around, better still they are completely banished on Monday's when they launch a new menu!

With 5 new items to try I was delighted to be invited by Bundobust to give them a try. So what's new?