Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Sv. Nikola Restaurant - Porec, Croatia

Our second to last night in Porec and we were ready to splash the cash, we had managed to have quite a bit left over not expecting food and petrol prices to be so very low in Croatia. We decided to dine at San Nikola as it was described on Frank About Croatia's blog as the closest to fine dining you would get in Porec. We had also had a glance at the menu the previous night before settled down to eat next door at Divino.

We were greeted by a very friendly waitress who served us for most of the evening, she was always gracious and said please frequently, especially when giving us something such as more wine or our orders. 

We ordered a bottle of wine, a Pinot Grigio, which was kept on ice away from our table and served to us frequently throughout the meal. A nice touch which kept our wine chilled too, the only downfall was that we had no idea how much of it we were drinking! 

Croatia's bead obsession was still present at San Nikola but in addition to this we were also served an entree of  asparagus purée (asparagus is grown in plentiful supply in Istria, although I suspect out of season when we visited in September), a strip of beef and homemade Istira sheep cheese (creamed). 

As entrees tend to be (or should be) it wasn't filling but tickled our taste buds ready for the main course.

Mains were a little more adventurous than other restaurants in Porec, however still present was the local favourites of steak, grilled fish, pasta and risottos. Fancying a bit of a change I chose the duck. 

The duck came with roasted vegetables so I chose not to order a side. The duck was cooked pink (not to order) and was very filling, the strips of breast being quite thick and also rather chewy. The skin could have been a little more seared and crispy for my liking but overall it was a fair effort. 

D obviously wasn't looking for a change and once again ordered steak, he loves a steak and we were on holiday so why not?

The steak didn't come with an accompaniment and so D ordered some boiled vegetables after hearing broccoli was included. D thoroughly enjoyed his steak and said it was one of the best steaks he's eaten out ever, even in England!

Following in the footsteps of the previous night we both ordered the chefs dessert, a range of desserts specially selected by the chef. Desserts included two different types of mousse, ice cream and chocolate ganache.

The dessert I'm sad to say wasn't as good as Divino, its main competitor and only comparison in Porec. It wasn't as exciting and the ganache was too rich for my palate. 

As we were splashing out and because we were wanted to go for after dinner drinks we ordered coffees, something we never do in restaurants but I wish we did as its a nice little luxury, but caffeine affects me greatly and I'd never sleep properly again if I did it every night. 

The coffees were nice, but baffling, I had the cappuccino which should have more milk in than a latte (that D ordered) but didn't. The coffee in Porec isn't great in general but this fared okay in my books. 

The traditional schnapps was served after our meal as the bill was presented, which went down with a burn in my chest. Once again I thoroughly believe this is a tradition we should also take up in our country, it creates a light hearted mood and who doesn't like a bit of free booze? 

The bill came to 683 kuna, approximately £69. This was our most expensive meal in Porec and I don't think we could come close to receiving the same amount, quality or service for the same price in back home in Leeds.

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