Saturday, 10 October 2015

Sarajevo Restaurant - Porec, Croatia

I received a couple of recommendations  part way through the holiday, via Facebook, from a past work colleague who's homeland is Croatia. Not one to pass up a recommendation and insider knowledge we acted on the recommendation that night, which brought us to Sarajevo Restaurant.

We stumbled upon it by accident once we had pretty much given up looking for it by turning down a street and, "oh there it is". The entrance from the main parade had a large picture board outside, so it would have been somewhere normally overlooked by us and dubbed as a tourist trap. I'm not sure how well these boards work in getting people in to restaurants, it makes me avoid them, it's so tacky and typical of most tourist destinations. Synonymous with bad food. Lose the boards guys.(Unless you're selling crap food, then keep the boards so I avoid you).

Reviews on the internet had suggested it was a good place to go, family run and friendly.

We felt the friendly straight away, although there wasn't a table immediately available they took us inside and offered us menus and drinks whilst we waited. The table didn't take too long to and we were up and outside again before we could even look at the menu.

D ordered the most expensive steak on the menu, I forget the exact steak it was now, and I stupidly gave back the receipt with our tip (but handily made a note of the price - ever the blogger).

D was finding his steak too dry with the lack of sauce and asked if they had any mustard, then for some reason said Dijon mustard when he thought they didn't understand what mustard was. So ensued the waiters running around going in to other places asking if they had Dijon mustard to come back and explain that he would struggle to find Dijon in Croatia and asked if he would like normal Croatian mustard... which is probably all that he needed to ask for in the first place. He wasn't too impressed with Croatian mustard speculating that it tasted similar to the American brand French's mustard. I don't mind French's but it has a time and a place, on a burger or hotdog, not on my steak.

I had no issues in the sauce department as I ordered steak with a mushroom sauce.

The mushroom sauce (as you can see) came in plentiful supply and was creamy and came with large slices of mushroom. I particularly liked the last fact as quite often you're just served a sauce without any resemblance of the main ingredient appearing within.

I lapped up my main with joy.

We decided to indulge in dessert and asked for a baklava (the first time I had seen it on a menu in Croatia) although not traditional to where we were holiday it felt like a nice alternative option. Unfortunately there was none left, so we left.

The bill came to 246 Kuna, about £25, not bad for a steak dinner and wine.

We decided that dessert would come in the form of drinks/cocktails. We found a peculiar place in the town centre that is a cinema but you can sit outside on the steps and drink, the steps are dotted with Ikea cushions and trays so it isn't too uncomfortable, plus you can people watch. Plus it's pretty much happy hour and half price drinks every night. This meant is was £2.50 for a wine and a beer. We returned a few nights.

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