Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Pizzeria Nono - Porec, Croatia

On our last night in Croatia we decided to end things how we started it, with pizza. 

Pizzeria Nono is also voted the number one place to go by the blog we were avidly living by whilst in Croatia, if you've read any of the other posts in this Croatian series you'll know that blog is Frank About Croatia. 

Popular with the locals, it also doesn't fair to bad on trip adviser either. When we arrived just after the sunset, say 7.30pm the place was bustling and there was no way we were getting a seat outside. As we stepped inside I worried that we wouldn't get a seat inside either, however deceptively spacious we were shown through to a room towards the back of the restaurant. 

Menus were handed to us and before we could even glance at them we were asked what we would like to drink, I ordered a wine and D a Sprite. 

The choice of pizzas was good but not overpowering, and I found the pizza I was going to have almost straight away. 

The pizzas come in two sizes, the exact measurements are lost in my mind now but essentially medium and large. We asked the waiter how big each were and we both opted for the smaller (what I would call a medium) each, although looking back on it now we could have had a medium to share. 

In addition to pizza we also ordered a side of chips to share. The chips arrived first with no sign of the pizza, the second time this had happened in Croatia and we began to think that chips are generally eaten as a starter rather than a side in Croatia. 

As I was taking the picture above I noticed something wasn't quite right with our chips. 

Oh my, we appeared to have a friend joining us for dinner who sadly had met his demise in the deep fat fryer. 

It took us an age to flag down a waiter and we had to sit awkwardly not eating our chips until we did. Eventually someone stopped when we waved and we pointed out the problem, the waiter frowned picked up our chips and walked away with them without saying a word. 

Our pizzas arrived next, I had ordered the pizza Nono, feeling that pizza named after the place we we're dining in was obviously the best choice and star of the show. 

It was loaded with topping and a thickish base, the toppings were so great I could barely taste the tomato sauce beneath. The olives, once again, came with stones in so I had to pick them off, the ham and the mushrooms were both quite dry and by this point I'd eaten so much Istrian ham I was slightly overdosing on the stuff. 

Another pizza arrived with mine, it wasn't D's and we had the task of trying to grab someone again to let them know it was wrong. D had to wait around 10 minutes for the correct pizza to be brought to him and I felt bad that he had nothing to nibble on. 

D's pizza, when it finally arrived, was the Pizza Fantasia, topped with salami and spicy sausage. I tried a it of the small sausage and it reminded me of that cheap sausage you can buy in the supermarkets that tastes a bit rubbery... There as definitely no way the waiter heard D wrong when ordering this pizza as he repeated back to him how to Fantasia... It's not the same way you would pronounce the Disney film of the same name. Again no apology was offered. 

Despite ordering the smaller pizzas we struggled to eat out pizzas and asked if we could take the remnants away. I don't know when we thought we would eat them and we carried it around for the rest of the night whilst it congealed in the box. 

The end of the meal was served with schnapps in line with tradition, although by this point we really were necking it and desperate to leave. 

The bill came to 139.05 kuna, approximately £14, one of the cheaper meals we had. After the previous nights of being waited on hand and food and paying almost 3x the price I wish we had stuck to the more upmarket places to end the holiday on a high rather than the disappointment of Nono. 

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