Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Face Food - Pula, Croatia

This place was horrendous.

I don't even know what we were thinking.

Why would we choose to eat somewhere with Facebook branding calling itself Facefood.


I guess we were just tired of wandering around all the time trying to find the best place to eat, the best place in town.

Pula was also a bit of let down for us, with it's city-esq feel, it's ugly and intruding ports that aren't fitting with the Roman history that surrounds it. I expected the arena to be in a more picturesque setting. I guess I was disillusioned by amazing Pinterest pictures.

It was deflating, which is I guess part of the reason we ended up eating burgers at a place called Facefood.

The above picture looks very tropical, it's not. What you can't see is the litter strewn everywhere and the vampire pigeons attacking everyone. Okay maybe that was a slight exaggeration but the pigeons were a nightmare jumping on tables and stealing food.

We tried to place our order inside and were told unless we planned to take out we should take a seat and they would take our orders. We were handed menus. For what reason I don't know as no one came to take our order they just later brought out what we had ordered inside.

I ordered a chicken bacon burger and D a beef burger not pictured for fear you might throw up upon seeing it.

mmmm greasy 
The bread was soggy and clearly made to last not to be fresh. The chicken was greasy, as was the bacon. I felt like I was eating a sandwich from one of the vans you see at the local car boot sale. It was not something I expected to be eating in cultural Pula.

It filled a hole. It repeated in my hole all day. Joy.

The arena was pretty impressive and we had fun imagining what it was like during Roman times with gladiators charging around and the elite watching from their private balconies above. I'd like to think I'd be one of those ladies with my hair neatly tied back eating grapes, but in reality I would have most likely have been the one sweeping up the leftover remains of gladiator.

To make up for the lack of good food pictures here's me acting out some roles in the arena.

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