Thursday, 15 October 2015

Did you know Mojo's do food as well as rum?

No neither did I until their lovely PR team welcomed me and a few others to try out their wares.

This isn't gourmet dining. This isn't the next Michelin star restaurant.

It's dirty guilt food, the food that you eat after a few rums, the food that you eat when you're feeling rough and ready for hair of the dog, the food you eat when the diet has gone out the window and you just want some food loving.

I bloody love a dirty burger.

Here's a few things they have on the menu:

Beer battered dill pickles, mac and cheese balls, quesadillas filled with black beans, sweetcorn, cheese, pico de gallo and tequila!!

Burgers, the classic with a choice of cheese and a veggie burger made with beetroot and beans plus more tequila!

Chicken wings, piri piri BBQ wings, peanut butter wings, and agave glazed wings.

The wings were so finger and thumb licking good we were treated to an additional tray.

In addition to a boozy food menu they also do some pretty boozy, pretty fantastic cocktails.

Complete with speared man.

Someone was trying to get me drunk...

I love Mojo's, it has been the scene of many a good night. I love it mainly because of the great music and the rum, I love it even more now as I don't have to move my bum away from the rum if I need to eat some more... to erm... enable me to drink more rum!!*

*I was probably a pirate in a former life.

18 Merrion Street

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